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Fergus P
England, UK 
1991 (27 years) 
05/12/04 12:44 AM GMT05/04/08 8:31 PM GMT 


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05/14/04 6:20 PM GMT
Thank you for the comment on (More Than Meets The Eye) and welcome to Caedes! I'm pleased to be the first to comment in your profile. Sorry that you couldn't see the 3d picture. Some people's eyes just don't want to focus that way. Did you already try my tip with the two spiders as well? Anyway thanks again for the nice comment, but it wasn't really all that hard to make since a program makes the 3d part of the image work. The work for me was more in trying to make it look good, since many 3d pictures show up better than others. It's garbage in - garbage out so the key is to create good source images for the program to use. Thanks for checking it out anyway~
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~My select image - Making Waves
05/19/04 6:50 PM GMT
I want to be second to comment... you are very sad... it's a desktop wallpaper site... jeez...
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05/19/04 7:45 PM GMT
Thanks for your comment on "The Matrix is watching". Beware.. now that you know, they'll come for you soon... ;)
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- Let me show you the world through my eyes... - ICQ: 212610647
05/22/04 10:57 PM GMT
hey thanks for the comments on "heat wave" and "magnetic flux"... much appreciated
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When you come to a fork in the road, take it.
08/17/05 11:43 AM GMT
Thanks Fergus for your post on Sea Meets Sky - Kaua'i is definitely one of the most beautiful places i've been to and will definitely go back there sometime :-)
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"Some mornings, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps"
08/19/05 10:23 PM GMT
Hullo Fergus! Thanks for the top vote on my image 'under the pier". I'm so glad you liked it and I really appreciate you letting me know.
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We make a living by what we get; but we make a life by what we give.
08/20/05 4:39 PM GMT
Hi Fergus and thanks for the nice words on "Discovery Comes Home", it is verry much appreciated.

Cheers David.

Go to
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08/24/05 12:27 AM GMT
Thanks.. Glad you lked Eventuality.. Just learning how to do this.. Appreciate your comment..
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One bead at a time..
08/28/05 7:44 AM GMT
Thanks for your comments on "The Old Millar Family Home" I'm really pleased you like it.

As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.
Albert Einstein
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08/31/05 3:51 AM GMT
hey Fergus.. ty for commenting on Clearly.. glad you liked it..

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And everytime I feel that my lifes a waste.. I just cant rid myself of your bitter taste.. - Me (Option21)
09/02/05 8:58 AM GMT
Dear Fergus,

Thank you for your kind words on "catherdal in Frombork". I really appreciate it. I strongly encourage you to visit my other works. Perhaps you will find something of interest.

Have a nice day
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"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous" Aristotle
09/02/05 5:14 PM GMT
Hey Fergus, my dear pyrate friend :P
thankye for enjoying my artwork! It was lovely to hear from you ^_^
Have great day!
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09/02/05 6:29 PM GMT
Thanks for your commenton Something Pretty.. Glad you liked it.. I am sorry.. I have never heard of this singer.. What kind of music does he do??
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One bead at a time..
09/02/05 7:50 PM GMT
Hey Fergus :) Thanks for checking out "Wanna Play?". I had a lot of fun taking that shot, and I'm glad you like it.
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09/03/05 9:57 AM GMT
Hi again Fergus and thank you ferry much for the nice comment on "Progress", i am glad you liked it, it is verry much appreciated.

Cheers David.

my gallery.
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09/03/05 2:54 PM GMT
Thanks Fergus.. I appreciate your comment on Looking Downstream.. I am so glad you like it..
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One bead at a time..
01/01/06 2:23 PM GMT
Thanks for the comment on Ripple Effect..
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One bead at a time

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