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03/17/04 12:28 AM GMT
Thanks kittyb32 for your comment on "tropical beauties". 8^)
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"Be Prepared . . ."
03/17/04 7:46 AM GMT
Paris and Prague are fantastic. Thanks for your comments and welcome to :-)
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"Violence is the last resort of the incompetent" (I. Asimov)
03/28/04 10:52 PM GMT
Thanks for your comment on "Saintpaulia", kittyb32. There's never been a better time to get into photography - with a fairly modest digital camera and cheap (or even free) imaging software you can do things today that professionals would have struggled with a few years ago. And caedes is a wonderful place to learn from people with similar interests - give it a go! I look forward to seeing what you can come up with :-)
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03/30/04 12:24 AM GMT
thanks for the comment on New Perspective
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05/08/04 2:09 AM GMT
On "Snooze" Cats are easy, You don't walk them, bathe them, You show them where the toilet is and you're done. Besides, show him "Snooze" and say, That's what they do all day.
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05/08/04 12:07 AM GMT
thanks kittyb32 for taking the time to enjoy my «strawberries anyone» image.
hope to hear from you again.:-)
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enjoy nature and respect your enviorment.....
05/30/04 3:06 AM GMT
Thanks for looking and commenting on Disco Dreams and Color Me Happy. Your kind and encouraging words are very much appreciated! :)
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Mary in Montana
08/06/04 4:25 AM GMT
Thank you very much for your kind words for "On A Clear Day", They truly are appreciated.
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