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Joyce Matta
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Homestead, Florida 33032 
4 Sep  
12/13/08 11:14 PM GMT06/13/11 2:42 AM GMT 

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Serenity by mimifly, photography->shorelines gallery Lovely Morning at the Beach by mimifly, photography->sunset/rise gallery Old canoes at the zoo by mimifly, photography->nature gallery
Serenity Lovely Morning at the Beach Old canoes at the zoo


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01/04/09 10:58 PM GMT
Welcome to Caedes! Have fun posting pictures and learning new ways capture moments. =)
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"I didn't fight my way to the top of the food chain to be a vegetarian."
01/06/09 10:50 PM GMT
Welcome to Caedes. You will enjoy your time on this site.


Avie by PJ

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Father Time ticks away as we welcome a new year. Things will be fine in 2009. Happy New Year
01/25/09 6:48 PM GMT
Thanks Joyce you very much for all your very kind words on "Easter is just around the corner"Welcome to Caedes:)
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01/25/09 9:04 PM GMT
Thank you for your nice comment you left at "Floating Dreams". It's very much appreciated:)
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01/30/09 12:43 AM GMT
Thank you Joyce for the nice comment you left on my photo "Super Bowl Bound" This Sunday I am hoping for the Arizona Cardinals to win BIG!
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If you wish to purchase framed photos, prints or greeting cards of my work please visit my website .
02/01/09 8:53 PM GMT
Thank you Joyce for your comment on "Hello". I am glad you like it.

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"I am never afraid of what I know" -Black Beauty
02/12/09 4:14 PM GMT
Sorry to respond so late, but I wanted to thank you for your fine comments on Phazzsprite X...Glad you enjoyed it...and the rest of my zany concoctions!
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"Who says the music's dyin' in the streets?...Don't know what they talk about...I like my music wakin' up the dead...Don't tell me to turn it down!!!" - Motley Crue ... Visit Jhihmoac's Gallery
03/16/09 10:56 PM GMT
Thanks Joyce
For taking time to visit and commenting on "Scattered"I appreciate it:)
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03/30/09 9:47 AM GMT
Many thanks for your kind comment on 'May in Rikugien Garden, Tokyo'.
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For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, His eternal power and Godhead;... Rom 1:20
11/13/09 9:07 AM GMT
Thank you for the message on "Yellow Chrysanthemums (2)",it is really appreciated.Have a good weekend.
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11/13/09 2:10 PM GMT
Hi there and thank you for your comment on my Wanna Be Orchids photo. So glad you liked my efforts to capture and display their beauty. :o)

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“Won't you come into the garden? I would like my roses to see you” - Richard Brinsley Sheridan
11/14/09 12:41 AM GMT
Hi joice, thanks indeed for your gentle comment on "Far" Much appreciated and glad you liked it.
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12/04/09 6:06 PM GMT
Thanks for having left your nice comment.
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12/04/09 10:34 PM GMT
Thanks for your comment on "Getting the Tree", much appreciated.
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Imagine there were no hypothetical situations.
12/08/09 6:06 PM GMT
Hi Joice many thanks for comment on "Entrance". Much appreciated.
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12/08/09 7:06 PM GMT
Ti Amo...I've got Italian women in my own family...Already realize that...Thanks for stopping by...
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GOMEZ: "But Cara Mia...where will Thing ride?" MORTICIA: "Darling...where he always the glove compartment..." Visit Jhihmoac's Gallery
12/09/09 12:29 AM GMT
Thanks for your comments on "Letter Writing Campaign" and "You Got Mail". Glad you liked them, much appreciated.
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Imagine there were no hypothetical situations.
12/17/09 1:36 AM GMT
Thanks Joyce for commenting on my picture ”Target Spotted” I spent a couple of hours photographing these gulls fishing on the Des Moines river.


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02/08/10 12:03 AM GMT
Thank you very much for your comment on my fractale. It's very much appreciated
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03/05/10 6:29 PM GMT
Thank you Joyce for the nice comment on my photo "Enjoying the sun" The sun was setting and the light was perfect. Glad you enjoyed the Cardinal.
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If you wish to purchase framed photos, prints or greeting cards of my work please visit my website .
07/03/10 4:12 PM GMT
Thanks, Joyce, for your very kind comment on 'Ain't we sweet ?"!
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-*A Wallpaper is worth a million words - And I leave them Speechless!*- ...
07/05/10 2:24 PM GMT
Thanks for your nice comment on "Flower Child".
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07/05/10 4:09 PM GMT
Thanks for commenting on "Rose Doors". I appreciate it.
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07/11/10 12:46 AM GMT
Thanks for having a look at "Doorstep". The comment is appreciated and I am glad you liked it.
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08/09/10 4:56 AM GMT
Hey There

Thanks for the "Awsome"! on First Leaf, most appreciated. Thanks
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