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07/18/04 6:00 PM GMT
Thank you for your kind comment on "Dolphin Close-up". It was a great photo op!
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Do unto others as they have done unto you...
07/19/04 9:49 AM GMT
Thanks Lainy for your comment on Wave. I very much appreciate it.
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...rob... corp flag
07/19/04 7:59 PM GMT
Thank you Lainy for the great comment on "Deep Thought":-)
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05/03/05 2:43 PM GMT
Thanks Lainy for the comments on my Hey Whats This Thing photo. These little critters went all over and it took a while to get them in one place. I'm glad that you viewed this image.
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"Anything that excites me for any reason, I will photograph; not searching for unusual subject matter, but making the commonplace unusual." Edward Weston
06/13/05 8:28 AM GMT
Hello Lainy. Glad you like my 'kitten 1'. I'm not a kitten specialist, but they were so cute... Thanks for the kind words :-)
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06/17/05 9:50 AM GMT
Glad you liked "Koala Snoozing"
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Friendship isn't a big's a million little things.
08/02/05 6:31 PM GMT
Heya Lainy :D
Thanks for commenting on *Fantasia*...I'm glad the colours pleased you ^_^...Also thanks for stopping by *Something For The girls*...I appreciate the feedback :]
Have a great day!
best wishes
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08/02/05 8:09 PM GMT
Hi Lainy, thanks for the comment on (Top Down). I'm glad you liked it :)
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~My select image - Wading Patiently
08/02/05 8:55 PM GMT
Hi Lainy, thank you for the commnets on (Florida Tiger I appreciate it.
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08/11/05 2:54 AM GMT
Hello Lainy, nice to meet you, and tks for your comments recently on Freesia!
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"A picture is worth a thousand words"
08/26/05 6:08 AM GMT
Hi Lainy, and thanks for your comment on "Togetherness...". Border collies are lovely dogs (especially these two!) but they need a lot of attention and stimulation - say goodbye to your life if you get one... They're worth it, though :-)
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09/10/05 2:11 AM GMT
Re: Rainbow Fish - Thanks!
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Never give up. Obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it. ~~ Michael Jordan
02/07/06 8:05 PM GMT
Thanks for the comment on my "The Firmament High." I'm glad you like it.
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-=Pride is not a sin=-
02/17/06 4:37 AM GMT
Thank you Lainy for your nice comment on "That 70'sForest". Glad you enjoyed it:-)
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03/01/06 5:52 PM GMT
Hi Lainy, thanks for the comments on "Yellow Moon" and "Balloon Dance". How did you come up with the name Monkey_Sprout? It's cute, sounds like something your parents would name
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Focus on the Light of the world
04/17/06 1:49 PM GMT
Hi Lainy, many thanks to you for viewing "Easter Pink"! I so appreciated your comments and of course your visit, and I will be looking forward to your next one, as I would like that! Sincerely, Marilyn
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