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03/24/07 2:53 PM GMT
Welcome to Caedes! Have a great time and enjoy... :)
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03/31/07 5:42 PM GMT
Thank you very much for your compliments on my husband's Ripples on a Lewis Field. He was very pleased to hear it is still being enjoyed! Thanks very much, Kate
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Beware the man of one book." St. Thomas Aquinas Scholastic philosopher and theologian, 1225-1274
04/07/07 12:44 AM GMT
Hi there,and welcome 2 Caedes pleased u enjoyed Glastonbury Torr I've recently photographed a lot of ancient buildings, and monuments but shall upload bird shots etc 4 now as I've recieved a poor response 4 the Torr.
Bye 4 now
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Lifes around.
04/29/07 12:10 AM GMT
Hi there, and thanks for the comment on my picture. Comments are always appreciated.
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"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." -- Native American Proverb
05/06/07 1:02 AM GMT
Thank you for you lovely comment on storm a coming. I appreciate you taking the time to both look and comment. x
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Very very new to this, and only have a bog standard fuji 2mb digi camera.
05/24/07 5:43 AM GMT
hey thanks a bunch for the comments on "taste of the Big horns" really appreciate you lookin ;)

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06/04/07 4:48 AM GMT
Thanks for your kind comments on "Long Bay" I really appriciate it!
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Lets go geocaching!
06/09/07 10:10 PM GMT
Hi there, thanks for the lovely comment on Sunset Glow Tree! I'm glad you visited.
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06/13/07 9:34 AM GMT
Hi there, thanks for your comment on Queenies woods! im glad you enjoyed it!! Jan
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06/22/07 3:05 PM GMT
lol! thanks for your comment :P
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06/29/07 2:51 PM GMT
Thanks for your comment!! Cheers!
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07/01/07 4:08 PM GMT
Hi,Thanks for checking out 'Pureland7'.Your kind words are much appreciated...Tony.
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My time to pass or come again,the wheel of life keeps turning.By Tony Sanders.
07/05/07 9:58 PM GMT
hi, thanks for our comment on Scenic. lol, i hope it didn't hurt your head too badly :P
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07/19/07 2:21 AM GMT
Thanks for checking out my Little Stranger,
much appreciated, Don
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08/06/07 4:47 PM GMT
Thanks so much for the comments on "Pittsburgh at Golden Hour"
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08/13/07 8:57 PM GMT
Thanks for your very nice comment on 'Kitty' :o)
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If you have some minutes why don't you come visiting my gallery ?
09/01/07 11:20 PM GMT
Thanks for your comments on 'Summer Field' much appreciated.
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Don't miss the beautiful colours of the rainbow while you're looking for the pot of gold at the end of it.
09/25/07 10:50 PM GMT
Thanks so much for the nice comment. I appreciate it.
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To live is Christ. To die is gain.
09/30/07 8:08 AM GMT
Hi there :) thanks for the sweet and kind comments on Sleeping much appreciated.
I have these six littens and her mom but I also have 3 more cats :))) so for now its 10 cats ...LOL...
Have a great day :)
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10/05/07 6:46 PM GMT
nefurfoot thanks for your kind comments regarding "Rest In Peace". Still breaks my heart knowing he's not around. Thanks again for your comments, it's vey appreciated!!!
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