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12/10/03 7:49 AM GMT
Thanks for the nice comments,on end of fall.
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carpe diem
12/10/03 8:18 AM GMT
Thanks for all the comments and support.
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carpe diem
12/22/03 11:56 PM GMT
Thank you for commenting on "Golem".
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Happy Holidays To All
01/28/04 5:08 PM GMT
Thanks for the nice comment on (alöe vulgaris)
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carpe diem.
03/22/04 11:01 PM GMT
thanks for your comment on "succulent" Rick. it's much appreciated. Cheers. Al.
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Art is just a pigment of your imagination.
06/02/04 11:30 PM GMT
Thank you for your very nice comment on "King D. Pedro V of Portugal"!
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Se amanhã não chover estará um belo dia!
09/22/04 9:51 PM GMT
So glad you enjoyed the "little piggies" I appreciate you taking time to comment.
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we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking up at the stars
10/08/04 4:57 PM GMT
Thatks for ur comment on Migration. Much appreciated.
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'He who drinks Australian, thinks Australian' - Sir Willingham Foster
10/08/04 6:05 PM GMT
Thanks Rick for the comments on "Mossrooms".Glad that you liked it.
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10/09/04 2:58 PM GMT
Hi Rick, thanks for your comments on the Main Street Fire Station. Glad you like it!
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11/03/04 1:29 PM GMT
Thanks for your comment on `Coimbra`. I appreciated!
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11/05/04 10:50 PM GMT
Thanks Rick for your comment on Road of Purple.... im very glad you liked it.. it is a beautiful sight.... :D
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The human heart feels things the eyes cannot see, and knows what the mind cannot understand. --Robert Vallett
11/09/04 6:19 PM GMT
always a pleasure to share :-) Thanks for the comments, I'm glad you liked the photo
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-- input translation, output rotation
11/10/04 11:50 PM GMT
Hey Rick, thanks for the comment on (Rooftop Morning). I'm glad you enjoyed it~
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~My select image - Wading Patiently
11/11/04 12:51 AM GMT
Thanks Rick for commenting on my High Falls 14 photo. I'm glad that you liked it.
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View life with your minds eye!
03/19/05 8:15 AM GMT
hi Rick, thanks for commenting on trafalgar square... from distance. i'm glad you like it.
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03/19/05 9:42 AM GMT
Hi, thanks for your kind words for the " Great Ocean Road " photo. Glad you like it.

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04/16/05 5:38 AM GMT
Hi there, thanks for your lovely comments on " Scalby Mill " it's much appreciated.

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08/13/08 8:39 PM GMT
Hello Rick ! I see you have found my gallery, and want to thank your for your positive comments that you just made. I see you love those mountain sights to. I live in a totaly flat country, and feel like a kid in a candystore on my hollidays in the Alp mountain range. Just hope it shows a bit in my photography. Furthermore, i see you are here at caedes for the 5th year today, Congrats !

Best regards,

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11/24/08 2:12 AM GMT
Rick, thank you for commenting on "Come Walk With Me." ~~ John
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12/28/08 1:16 PM GMT
Hey Rick, thanks for the great comment you left me on 'Flip', I had a great time taking those pictures.
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"A camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." Dorothea Lange
02/25/09 6:39 PM GMT
Snow Hills,Thanks so much.This one taken believe it or not with a small sony compact through the side window of my truck..Richie.
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When you get to retirement, you switch bosses - from the one who hired you to the one who married you
03/06/09 12:12 AM GMT
Hi Rick, I am glad that you and your son enjoyed Edaville.Thanks for the comment..Tom
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03/08/10 8:31 AM GMT
Hi Rick, TnX a lot for the fave on the Lammerklamm post! Happy you enjoy this one! Mich
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10/12/11 3:52 PM GMT
Hi Rick, I'm glad you've enjoyed the 'Calpe, Calpe Blanca, Spain' image. Thanks a lot for adding it to your favs.

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