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09/03/05 4:04 PM GMT
Hey there, welcome to caedes. ;D
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"Tall ships & tall kings three times three. What brought they from the founded land over the flowing sea? Seven stars & seven stones, and one white tree"-The Lord of the Rings
09/07/05 7:57 PM GMT
Thanks for the comment on Heart Sack.
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09/07/05 8:22 PM GMT
Hey Nick , thx for the comment on apophysis flame , much appreciated.
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have a nice day and read more fantasy.
09/14/05 7:49 AM GMT
Hello Nick,
Thank you very much for your kind words on "early September". I really appreciate it. I am glad you liked the photo. I strongly encourage you to visit my other works.
Soon I will try to shot the tree tunnel when it turns yellow.

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"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous" Aristotle
03/18/06 6:09 PM GMT
Thanks Nick, I am so glad you liked Blue Glass Bridge. Best Wishes, Carrie
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Put a smile on your face and your mood will follow. ;)
04/03/06 7:24 PM GMT
Thank you for your comment on church windows. I am glad that you liked it. You should see the whole church. It is beautiful but hard to photograph as the trees get in the way of potential photos.
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Since we cant change reality. Let us change our eyes in which we percieve reality. Nikos Kazantzakis.
04/22/06 11:58 PM GMT
hey Nick.. thanks for the comment on Vendetta (distant).. much appreciated..

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And everytime I feel that my lifes a waste.. I just cant rid myself of your bitter taste.. - Me (Option21)
04/26/06 7:23 AM GMT
Hi Nick, Thanks very much for the comment on Mt Cook.
I'm not sure why I took it as a landscape but it turned out ok.

Glad you liked it.
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04/28/06 7:30 PM GMT
Hi Nick, thanks for the comment on my Caedes Experiment picture. :)
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04/28/06 11:55 PM GMT
Thanks for your comment on sour and sweet I appreciate it. Tracey :-)
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A picture is an image..a work of art comes from a mind full of adventure. View my webpage at
04/30/06 9:38 PM GMT
thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment on "Joint Wood" I really appreciate it! and thanks for the advice, I will try to come up with something to make it a little more exciting some time soon! ~abby
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05/04/06 10:31 PM GMT
Thanks for droppin by Nick. Appreciate your time and the comment. pop in any time....
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Be impeccable with your word, don't make assumptions and always do your best
05/05/06 1:15 PM GMT
Thanks for the comment. Sorry you didn't like the black surround.
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05/12/06 7:02 AM GMT
hey Nick.. thanks for checking out Orbix.. your support is greatly appreciated..

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And everytime I feel that my lifes a waste.. I just cant rid myself of your bitter taste.. - Me (Option21)

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