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03/03/04 8:02 AM GMT
Thanks for your comment on 'Are you hungry'. Welcome to :-)
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"Violence is the last resort of the incompetent" (I. Asimov)
03/03/04 7:12 PM GMT
Thank you very much for the nice comment on (iris).Very much appreciated.
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carpe diem.
03/15/04 12:08 AM GMT
The toilet was photographed exactly as found.
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04/07/04 2:31 PM GMT
Hi Pamella, thank you for the nice comment on (Days Go By...). I also answered your question on the image page so anyone else who wonders can see as well. Thanks for the interest :)
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A wise man once said something.
04/26/04 5:30 AM GMT
Thanks for the comment on my Love Snail, Pamella! I appreciate.
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Ars longaaaaa, vita brevis... Nicky
05/01/04 2:39 AM GMT
Hi Pamella. Thanks so much for the nice comment on Chain of Pools. ;) I appreciate you taking the time.
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B.J. ;)
05/01/04 6:45 AM GMT
Thanks for your comment on little girl
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05/01/04 10:42 AM GMT
hi pamella , i just want to thank you for your kind comments on my «moon&sun» photo, i am glad that you enjoyed it so much, i am happy to have satisfied viewer....
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enjoy nature and respect your enviorment.....
05/03/04 10:05 PM GMT
Thanks you for your comment on "It happened to be 3 o'clock". It is good to know other people like my work. As for the camera i use it is a Minolta Dimage A1. Its pretty decent, and works for me, but its not an SLR :( .
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05/12/04 5:56 PM GMT
Hello Pamella! I appreciate the kind remark you left on "Heart of Green." To answer your question, I use a FUJIFILM FinePix S3000. Thank you so much for the interest, and I'm really glad you enjoyed the picture. =)
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Et nos quidem iuste nam digna factis recipimus hic vero nihil mali gessit et dicebat ad Iesum Domine memento mei cum veneris in regnum tuum.
05/25/04 12:02 AM GMT
Hi there Pamella. Thanks for your comment on Aloe Vera. Very much appreciated.
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~Let it be as it is desired~
05/25/04 8:58 PM GMT
Hello Pamella. Thank you for your nice comment on "Purple Delight" I appreciate it very much. As for your question, they are Columbines as Susan suspected.

Thanks again!
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"Not all who wander are lost." -J.R.R. Tolkien
07/23/04 1:34 AM GMT
Thanks for the visit at 'cattails' Don't know how you found it, it's wayyyy back in there. But glad you stopped by.
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Those are my pricipals and if you don't like them.......Well , I have others. Groucho Marx
07/23/04 6:33 PM GMT
thanks for your commet on "Girls"
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"Nosso cérebro é o melhor brinquedo já criado: nele se encontram todos os segredos, inclusive o da felicidade."
08/26/04 9:39 AM GMT
Hi Pamella, thanks for the comment on Striding Edge.. It's in the Lake District, UK, I went to stay with a friend for a bit, and we decided to go hiking, with literally no idea where the hell to go.. So we got a bit late, but we made it in the end.. Actually, the path gets steep (just out of shot), and where I was standing, the ground's quite a bit higher than the ridge. Thought it made for a nice photo opportunity, glad you agree :) M
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08/26/04 5:47 PM GMT
Thanks Pamella. Only a little of practise, is it not?
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08/28/04 11:18 PM GMT
Thanx for yer comment :o).
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