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09/08/04 3:36 AM GMT
Ahh, another person that likes purple.... Thanks for your comments!

And I see you just joined today! Welcome to Hope you enjoy your stay, and maybe I can have the pleasure of seeing some of your images if you decide to make a gallery :)

I'll be here to help if you want to get started on graphics (If you don't know how!) Have fun!
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11/09/04 2:18 AM GMT
Hey thanks for the comment on "Dream-HUGE" I appreicate it. And welcome to the site!!
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03/22/05 5:37 AM GMT
Thank you so much purplepassion for stopping by and taking a look at "Not Without Hope." (Love your name). I had my surgery 5 wks ago. Still healing. Have a great night! Sarah :)
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Hi I'm Sarah. My motto is if you like cats, you can't be ALL bad. :)
03/22/05 9:35 PM GMT
Thanks for your comments on Waiting Purples. Much appreciated, I like purple too
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04/28/05 10:34 PM GMT
Well it started off purple. :D
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05/08/05 8:47 AM GMT
Thank you for your comment on jelly bean jazz xD
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06/27/05 10:03 PM GMT
thanks so much for your kind comments on starburst they are much appreciated
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07/01/05 2:21 PM GMT
A lot of the slowness comes from high traffic. Caedes has lots of members logged on at any given time. Slow computers can cause a fast connection to slow down quite a bit as well.
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08/02/05 7:32 PM GMT
Does the name have something to do with the story..? o.0
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09/18/05 3:17 PM GMT
Thanks for taking time to leave a comment at Blue Morpho. I am glad you liked it. I love sharing my pictures and it is always nice to hear that someone liked one of them.
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12/31/05 7:15 PM GMT
Hello, thanks for the lovely comments for " Happy New Year " glad you like it. Hope your New Year is great !!!

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06/30/08 8:02 PM GMT
Hey, thanks for commenting on 'posh', I appreciate it!
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