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Roger Smith
Roanoke, Virginia 
08/02/05 1:43 AM GMT08/04/09 9:37 PM GMT 


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10/23/05 4:19 PM GMT
thanks Roger for your post on Canal Locks:2 & a warm welcome to the site. As far as editing out my comments would go - that would defeat the object of the competition which is to point out the images shortcomings! :-)
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10/07/06 12:17 AM GMT
Phil, thanks for all your work on the shuttle. I look forward to your post
each time the shuttle launches. I am a big shuttle fan. but the mars shot
was so amazing! thank you for that post. I loved it.
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10/07/06 8:55 AM GMT
Hi roger. Welcome to Caedes and thanks for your comment about Detail of a Kio tower - Madrid. Much appreciated :)
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10/10/06 11:29 PM GMT
lol... thanks Roger for your comment on The End Of Another Day... i'm glad you enjoyed it... it was a bit bright.. but it was an amazing colour... well worth being blinded for a few
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12/04/06 11:43 AM GMT
Thanks for the comment and Fav on Declaration of Independence If you like Patriotic Images did you see my Memorial to the USS Arizona? ... Anyway Thanks again for the comment and Fav!
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12/22/06 7:08 PM GMT
Thanks for the post on "Staff Sergeant". It's a powerful ceremony, and im glad I could capture it.
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Nemo Timendo Ad Summum Pervenit Locum
03/13/07 5:08 PM GMT
mmmm?! Thanks for the "comment" on my "you tell me"! ;)
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Time is not money; it's life. Enjoy it.
04/04/07 7:26 PM GMT
Hey Roger, thanks for commenting on 'The Word of God,' I really appreciate it! I am really glad you thought it was 'powerful,' because that was what I was going for.
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Famous last words: "Hey, watch this!"
06/03/07 8:18 PM GMT
Thank very much on the comment for Concentrated Power. :o)
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09/29/07 5:03 PM GMT
Hi Roger,
I'd take you home but I don't usually pick up strangers (ha ha ha)
Thank-you for the compliment on my sunset :)
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07/07/08 12:36 AM GMT
howdy roger rabbit
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