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The sun rises again by spyker7, photography->flowers gallery Color Burst by spyker7, Photography->Flowers gallery Peaceful & Powerful by spyker7, photography->reptiles/amphibians gallery
The sun rises again Color Burst Peaceful & Powerful


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09/13/04 9:38 PM GMT
Thanks for comments "La Pompiere"
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René Laplante de Rouyn-noranda,Quebec
11/26/04 5:26 PM GMT
Welcome to Caedes.
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Smile and the world smiles with you! AcrossTheWorld
12/02/04 3:06 AM GMT
Thanks for the thoughtful comment on panthera tigris, I really appreciate it!
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'There is nothing to it. You only have to hit the right notes at the right time and the instrument plays itself.' J.S. Bach
12/02/04 11:58 AM GMT
Thanks for your comment on Dragon V...I very much appreciate it.
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12/03/04 8:18 PM GMT
Hey Spyker, thanks for your comment, and thanks for looking in on Good Morning America. Dwight.
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"Once you have heard the lark, known the swish of feet through hill-top grass and smelt the earth made ready for the seed, you are never again going to be fully happy about the cities and towns that man carries like a crippling weight upon his back." - Gwyn Thomas
12/05/04 6:28 PM GMT
Whiskey says Hi and says he plans on furthering his modeling career one of these days. (lol) Thanx for your comments, he appreciates them. LPF
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12/06/04 9:13 PM GMT
Thanks alot for your kind comment on "Splashes of Colour", really appreciated.
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12/06/04 10:42 PM GMT
Thanks for your comment on MMMM Christmas Time... im glad you liked it... we did.. lol
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The human heart feels things the eyes cannot see, and knows what the mind cannot understand. --Robert Vallett
12/08/04 1:50 AM GMT
Thanks for the comment on spotted, much appreciated!
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'There is nothing to it. You only have to hit the right notes at the right time and the instrument plays itself.' J.S. Bach
12/15/04 12:18 AM GMT
Hi Spyker, thanks for taking a look in my gallery and commenting on "Jurrasic"..appreciated for sure.

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Art washes away from the soul the dust of life....Picasso
12/23/04 2:42 PM GMT
Thank you Spyker for viewing my latest image. I'm glad that you liked my Raindrops on a Clear Tarp photo. This was a black and white lithograph negative print that I scanned in, inverted the tones and overlayed some blue. The original photo was of the underside of a clear tarp after a rain shower.
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"Sometimes I do get to places just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter." Ansel Adams
12/24/04 2:10 PM GMT
thanks for the comments on imaginary girl ;)
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Somethings are just.. Wonderful
01/03/05 11:27 AM GMT
thank you for kind comments on my « miss desktop » image , i am glad you enjoyed it so much. thanks for taking the time to view my work , and hope to hear from you again.have a nive year 2005. :-)
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enjoy nature and respect your enviorment.....
01/05/05 12:29 AM GMT
Thanks for taking the time to view and leave the nice comments on my image. I'm glad that you found my Shell Point Sunset photo enjoyable. When I saw the little thatched umbrella and the tree I knew that this would be a nice framing for the coming sunset.
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"In my mind's eye, I visualize how a particular... sight and feeling will appear on a print. If it excites me, there is a good chance it will make a good photograph. It is an intuitive sense, an ability that comes from a lot of practice." Ansel Adams
01/10/05 10:29 PM GMT
I'm really glad that you liked "Fairy Flame", Spyker. Thanks for the kind words. :) Michelle
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I'd as soon destroy a stained glass window than an artist such as yourself. --Wesley to an unconcious Inigo Montoya in the Princess Bride
02/03/05 11:28 AM GMT
I'm pleased you liked "Charles Bridge"
Thanks for the kind comment.
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Friendship isn't a big's a million little things.
02/09/05 6:01 AM GMT
Thanks for the nice comment on-Orange lily-.Very much aprecited.
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02/11/05 11:44 AM GMT
hi thank you for commenting on fireoglyphic much appreciated
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- pixels are only the beginning unless you started at the end - Gaz :-)
02/11/05 11:51 PM GMT
Many thanks for your comment on Fashion Statements!

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02/15/05 12:57 AM GMT
Thanks Spyker for commenting on "Snowman"!
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Art washes away from the soul the dust of life....Picasso
02/17/05 5:58 AM GMT
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Please see my image Ocean Blue and my picture Quiet creek
02/23/05 4:02 PM GMT
Hi K......thanks for your comment on Electric Paper....glad you enjoyed that one...
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---- He who goes to bed hungry dreams of pancakes. Rawwrr ----
03/03/05 2:30 AM GMT
Thanks for your comments on "Super." I'm digging your work!
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03/08/05 12:07 AM GMT
thanks a lot for your comment on "dancing house" i'm really happy you like it:)
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03/10/05 10:10 AM GMT
Thank you for your words on "peg". :)
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please feel welcome to view my Gallery Here
03/13/05 6:57 PM GMT
Hello. Thanks for your kind words on "3rd Guess" (white feather on black background) :-)
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03/13/05 7:16 PM GMT
Hey Spyker.. thank you for the great words to; 'The Female Character' I'm glad you like it that much and thanks for the vote! It's really appreciated.
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Just be.
03/14/05 6:36 PM GMT
Hi, thanks for your kind words for the photo " Raging Sea ". They are very much appreciated.

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03/14/05 6:44 PM GMT
Thanks for looking at "spring colours" :¬)
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please feel welcome to view my Gallery Here
03/30/05 12:13 AM GMT
ty for the comment on Red Digital (A Self Portrait).. glad you enjoyed, even if it is a picture of my "mugg" as it was eloquently put hehe..

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And everytime I feel that my lifes a waste.. I just cant rid myself of your bitter taste.. - Me (Option21)
05/28/05 3:59 PM GMT
Thanks for the comment on Maynes Addiction. I can hardly wait for fall again when these are everywhere:-)
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06/24/05 1:23 PM GMT
Hello there, and many thanks for your comments on I'm Walking On Sunshine!
I am glad you liked the image. Nice to meet you. Let me guess? Darryl/Mayne is referring to his mushrooms? lol
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"A picture is worth a thousand words"
09/19/05 5:06 PM GMT
thanks for the post on my WRC images - glad you liked them!

cheers - Phil
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"Some mornings, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps"
11/07/05 4:29 AM GMT
Hi, thank you so much for your high regards on "Colors in a Basket"! I really appreciate your comments and certainly hope you stop by again for another visit! Sincerely, Marilyn
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01/28/06 4:36 PM GMT
wow you have many beautiful colorful images, nice!!
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05/23/06 7:48 PM GMT
Hi and thanks for leaving a comment about The Family of Man photograph. I was quite pleased too that I had a shot with the tower in - now that is another subject - I made myself stand on the glass up there and took photographs through the glass floor! LOL! I must have had a mad moment! :)
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"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift, that is why we call it the present."

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