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Ryszard Szylczak
05/07/06 11:03 PM GMT09/22/06 9:14 PM GMT 


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05/21/06 9:56 PM GMT
thanks so much for you kinda comment on "spring green" I really appreciate ou taking the time to stop and look. and welcome to caedes! ~abby
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05/22/06 9:17 AM GMT
thank you very much for your very generous remarks about grandest 2. i very much appreciate it and you. jen
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05/23/06 2:47 AM GMT
Hey Szylczak,

Thanks for the comments on 'Old Scab,' very much appreciated. Do you have a shorter or easier name we can call you? I almost broke my fingers trying to type that.
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If God lived on earth, people would break his windows. Jewish Proverb........ My Gallery
05/23/06 3:05 AM GMT
Hey Szylczak...ouch,

Thanks for the comments on 'Weather or Not,' I really appreciate it. Are you from Eastern Europe? Or Yurp as I call it.
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If God lived on earth, people would break his windows. Jewish Proverb........ My Gallery
05/23/06 12:52 AM GMT
Hey Szylczak
Thanx so much for the comment on Impala. Much apprciated. Glad you've enjoyed it.

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Live every day as if it's your last... and take "pictures" of it ;)
05/23/06 2:56 PM GMT
Thank you, Szylczak......... for your good comment on "Proud Cock". I found it nice share him with your.
Thanks again!
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If you love something, set it free. It it comes back to you, it is yours. If it does not, it was never meant to be. Wil
05/25/06 12:53 AM GMT
Thanks, Szylczak. Glad you enjoyed Westport. It is a charming little village.
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05/25/06 2:29 AM GMT
Thank you for your comment on "Swirl" I'm glad you liked it :-D
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05/25/06 2:30 AM GMT
Oh yeah..and thank you for stopping by to see "Green & Gold" too :-)
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05/25/06 2:35 AM GMT
Thanks for taking time to comment on my picture “Flight” I played cat and mouse with this guy half of last summer trying to get a good shot.

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05/27/06 6:53 PM GMT
Hi there, and thank you for your kind coment on "Ugly ducklings..." :-)
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07/09/06 6:13 AM GMT
Hi Szylczak...
Many thanks for your visiting & commenting on "The Tower" ...!
Yes, it's REAL...
If you look at this:
...-you may see, The Tower is which way...
Thanks again, and have nice day!!!
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07/09/06 1:24 PM GMT
~sets phaser to stun~

Greetings earthling!! We are speaking on behalf of Randy as we have taken control of what little brain he has. We thank you for journeying over to view our Extraterrestrial Blossom !! We're glad you thought it was outta this world!!
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07/09/06 7:53 PM GMT

Thanks for the nice comments on The Painted Gorge..I appreciate it.
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Touring the world one picture at a time.
07/09/06 8:20 PM GMT
Glad you liked "Parrot re-do" It is amazing what tweaking the color can do.
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life is just a game you fly it like a plane there is no end....thunderclap nueman
07/12/06 2:06 PM GMT
Thank you for yor comments on "corn field"
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life is just a game you fly it like a plane there is no end....thunderclap nueman
08/06/06 3:45 PM GMT
Hello! Thanks a lot for the nice words you left on "Reindeer", much appreciated!
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09/16/06 3:36 AM GMT
Hi thanks so much for your comment on Elegant.. i'm glad you liked it.. =)
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MY GALLERY ........... "A sense of humour is as important to life as shock absorbers to a car.. It helps us over the bumps im life" / P.K. Shaw
09/17/06 10:40 PM GMT
Thanks for the comments on "Flower Generator":o}
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09/21/06 10:25 PM GMT
Hello Ryszard. Thanks for noticing my "Ten Kings Around The Flower Table" illustration. Thanks for stopping by.
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Life's moments are sweet. I just want to capture all that I can of them.
09/21/06 11:00 PM GMT
Thanks for your kind words Ryszard about my photo Tufted Ducks. They were warmly received.
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It's better to have a living dog, than a dead lion.
09/23/06 11:42 AM GMT
Kia Ora RS, thank you for viewing my Bridge Over The Avon. I am pleased you liked it and appreciate your comments.
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The question is not what you look at, but what you see ~ Marcel Proust
10/11/06 6:10 PM GMT
Witam Ryszardzie,

We learn new things all the time, lol. No wonder so many people were curious to see "mating dragonflies". The "position" in my photo is called the "mating wheel". Now, you can verify if this what biology teacher once told you was true ;)

P.S. I strongly discourage anyone from doing ummmm such an acrobatic act or else an osteopath may be needed

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