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Fort Worth Horse by taradactyl, Photography->Animals gallery Folsom Lake by taradactyl, Photography->Landscape gallery Sleepy Zoe by taradactyl, Photography->Pets gallery
Fort Worth Horse Folsom Lake Sleepy Zoe


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02/06/06 9:25 AM GMT
Hey you :-) You should upload some nice photos. I know you've got a few nice desktops just waiting...
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Fiat Lux. | Get Firefox
02/16/06 1:03 AM GMT
(in responce to your comment on my Self Portrait:)
yeah man, I have a Canon Powershot A70! crappp... I really hope I'm not going to have to buy another... 'cause I really don't have that kind of money, and I'm saving up for this sexy 6 string bass guitar :) ..I'm going to take it back to the place I got it, I think I had a garuntee. Man, I reallly hope I dont have to buy another one.
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Gather ye Rosebuds While ye May, Old time is still A-Flyin' This same Flower that Smiles today, Tomorrow will be Dyin' My lonely image: What I Seek
02/21/06 2:30 AM GMT
Hi Tara,
Thanks for the encouraging comments on my alligator sunset shot. Les
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02/22/06 3:05 AM GMT
Thanks Tara for your comments on "Powder Blue" glad you liked it.

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02/22/06 2:26 PM GMT
Thanks for stopping by my gallery and commenting on the butterflies. I have about 900 butterfly pictures in my photo collection so theirs a good chance you see more. If you like blue be shure and checkout todays post Deacon Blues.


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02/22/06 3:27 PM GMT
Hey Tara , thx for the comment on bungee jump , always appreciated.
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"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." my images
02/23/06 1:18 AM GMT
I'm glad you like "Deacon Blue" it is one of my favorites. The challenge is to get real close and not get wet.

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02/26/06 10:45 PM GMT
Thank for commenting on “Baby Got The Blues” I have been trying to get a shot of one of these guys with their wings open for over two years. The outside of their wings is brown with a black spot. When they land they close their wings for camouflage and the black spot look like a big eye to ward off predators.

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02/27/06 2:46 AM GMT
Hi Tara and thanks for taking time to comment on my “Red And White Rose”. Red is the most difficult color for me to photograph but accidents do happen and occasionally one turns out.

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02/27/06 8:39 PM GMT
Thank you for you comment on "Simple Elegance". I'm glad you liked it.

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03/01/06 1:10 PM GMT
Hey Tara -
Much thanks for your comments on "Sunset". I appreciate you dropping by to leave it.
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"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." - Theodore Roosevelt
03/04/06 12:07 AM GMT
Glad you enjoyed Purity, thanks for the positive comments!

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04/11/06 3:14 PM GMT
Hi, Tara. Thank you for your comments on, "Angel." I'm glad that you like it, and I also like it in color. :-)

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A day without chocolate is a day wasted
04/30/06 11:04 PM GMT
Hey Tara-- liked your gallery. sprinkles were cool.Could you colorize them? I think your abalone is a mussel. but nice color there. oh ...and your user name is cool too.. have fun here at caedes....Wm.
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Be impeccable with your word, don't make assumptions and always do your best
05/27/06 7:25 PM GMT
Hello Tara. Thanks a lot for your feedback on 'Black & white'. The Zinneke Parade in Brussels was a famous day :-)
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09/03/06 4:21 AM GMT
Hi Tar! Just wanted to stop by and say hi! I'm still loving the sprinkles . . .
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If you wish upon a star . . .
12/24/06 5:25 PM GMT
Thanks for your comment on "Aspen leaves!" I appreciate it!
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One day we will all fall before You, but I'm going to bow today. Jesus, You are so wonderful, I cannot live without Your love.
12/26/06 11:30 PM GMT
hey tara thanks for the comment on "pulse".. the center bead is also my favorite thing about the shot. glad you liked it ;]
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01/01/07 4:22 PM GMT
Hi Tara,
Thank you very much for comment on Morning rose. Much appreciated.
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Once life becomes a habit, we cease to learn.
04/14/07 4:05 PM GMT
Hey Tara,
Thanks for the comment on Glass Garden... You really do have a beautiful Shi Tzu!
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