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Michigan, USA 
1970 (48 years) 
05/18/05 1:57 AM GMT05/20/17 11:43 PM GMT 

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Lake Michigan sunset by utshoo, photography->shorelines gallery Bridge to nowhere by utshoo, photography->bridges gallery Reflecting the past by utshoo, photography->architecture gallery
Lake Michigan sunset Bridge to nowhere Reflecting the past


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05/20/05 10:14 AM GMT
Kieth thanks for stopping at "green water" and welcome to caedes. :D
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please feel welcome to view my Gallery Here
05/20/05 2:16 PM GMT
Hi Keith, thank you for commenting on "In a Cozy Place"! About finding this flower as it was or had I rearranged it, the answer is, I kind of tucked it in place. I wanted the face of the flower shadowed. I thought it added a little interest to the image, what do you think? Thanks again Keith, Sincerely, Marilyn
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05/20/05 2:19 PM GMT
hi keith - thanks for your comment about my blue frog!
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A thing of beauty is a joy forever
07/13/05 12:20 AM GMT
Thanks for checking out my toad picture.
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07/13/05 12:21 AM GMT
Just saw you checked out my solo burst fireworks picture too. Thanks.
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07/15/05 1:45 AM GMT
Go for it. I can't wait to see what kind of created image you come up with. I thought about those beetles of yours. Crop one of them out, and ............ I don't know see where that leads.
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07/24/05 6:14 PM GMT
Well, I was looking through the new images gallery and saw Ann Arbor. I'm from MI as well =) I was just curious which part you're from.
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*~Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen~*
08/05/05 6:15 PM GMT
Hello There Keith
Thank you for you kind comments on Underwater:-) I shall pass them on to my son, he will be delighted!

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08/15/05 12:54 AM GMT
Thanks for checking out my Isabella.
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08/22/05 4:23 AM GMT
Thanks for checking out my pictures. I took over 40 there. You saw the good ones if you looked through the ones here. Tiger Longwing is my favorite.
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08/22/05 3:54 PM GMT
Hello Keith! Thanks for the nice comments on my Cicada image. This little guy was dying on my patio so he didn't complain much when I posed him on a near by plant while hundreds of his friends sang in the trees. I'm glad you like this look at the small world around us.
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"My own eyes are no more than scouts on a preliminary search, for the camera's eye may entirely change my idea." Edward Weston
08/23/05 3:38 AM GMT
Glad you like Grasshopper attacks Canada, since it was originally your grasshopper.
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08/24/05 2:46 AM GMT
Boy, I wish I could. We are thinking about taking a day trip to Niagara come winter. I REALLY want to see the falls frozen over. If we do I would want to see the butterflies again.
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08/30/05 12:53 AM GMT
Thanks for visiting Pheonix.. Glad you like it.. I enjoy both photography and making fractals.. I don't think I could chose between them.. I do appreciate your comment..
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One bead at a time..
09/05/05 3:29 AM GMT
Thanks for the comment at Niagara River Rock.
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09/18/05 4:12 AM GMT
Thanks for your comment at Blue Gill Triplets. I am ghad you liked it. Laurelyn helped pick the colors, and I made three in the picture, because that is how many Blue Gills she caught that day. I thought that Bill Gill was so pretty with it's shiny sparling green scales.
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09/18/05 9:06 PM GMT
Hey there, thanks for the comment on "Out for a stroll...". I am very glad you like it. I was about 50 feet away, but we were seperated by a 10 foot wide stream that had a huge drop. So unless the bear could jump then I was fine, lol.
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09/22/05 2:05 AM GMT
Thanks for checking out The Island. It hasn't gotten great reviews, so I guess the painting effect wasn't well liked. Oh, well got to try something different now and then.
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09/22/05 2:06 AM GMT
I was lucky on that Washington Momument. We did the night tour and got treated to a nice sunset just at the right time.
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10/02/05 3:43 PM GMT
Thanks for your comment at Apples. If you want to do anything with it, feel free. I was hoping to get out to the orchard for more apple pictures, but haven't fit it in yet.
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10/02/05 3:45 PM GMT
Thanks, I am glad you liked Rocks and Water. The Niagara Falls trip produced some nice pictures for me.
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10/03/05 3:05 AM GMT
I was wishing myself that the image was sharper. It was taken at night, and I really couldn't see what I got till I got home. I only took two shots of the embers, and they were both not as clear as I would have liked. I had a lot of difficulty getting the camera to focus and I couldn't get as close as I would have liked. THAT FIRE WAS HOT!
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01/10/06 9:46 PM GMT
Hi Keith, and thanks for your very kind comment on "Waterworlds". No, I'm not a professional, just a very persistent amateur intent on improving my skills with the help of this highly talented community :-)
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03/13/06 4:51 AM GMT
hi keith, i went on a picture taking hike with a friend who said there would be all kinds of photo ops. there were.! i'm glad you like this one. thanks for commenting! jen
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04/20/08 11:27 AM GMT
Hello Keith, Thanks for the very kind one on "Spring Flowers"
sandi ♪ ♫
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life.
06/03/08 2:05 AM GMT
Many thanks for your comment on "Orange Marmalade Rhododendron", Keith. These were the most showy of the rhoddies in the garden. I'll be certain to check out the website you suggested.
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"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." -- Benjamin Franklin
07/07/08 12:11 AM GMT
Thanks Keith for the kind comments you made on my Meremac bridge image.
Peace&Respect Jojo
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