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Low Response for Some Contests

05/02/14 10:12 PM GMT
Over the last couple years we've been getting rather poor response for submission to some (I say some) of the contests. This last one, "Standing out from the Crowd," received 19 votes with 28 votes cast overall, yet with only 12 hours to go we have only 10 entries (and now that it's closed we have a grand total of 11 entries). The numbers don't lie or make sense. My suggestions don't always win the popular vote but I still enter most contests, regardless. Is this horse dying or does it just need a transfusion?
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06/04/14 5:14 PM GMT
Nik, I too have been seeing both the number of votes and the number of entries decline. For my own knowledge, I went into the "contests" folder and looked at both the votes and the entries for events over the years, trying to match up the month/day as well as possible. I was able to go back four years. That journey was quite an eye opener.
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06/08/14 12:41 AM GMT
In my opinion which probably doesn't count for anything, I believe you have them to often.
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06/08/14 4:17 PM GMT
Nik, I suspect you already know the answer. But I'll share a thought with you that I had regarding contests, and the site in general.

Back in high school, we had a computer game in class called Lemonaid Stand, I think. Computer games were in their relative infancy (mid-80-s) and this one was either in Basic, or a similar language. Point is, it was a teaching tool for us. Well, a few of the kids in class, including myself, found a way to "hack" the game and manipulate the numbers. So instead of getting a buck fifty, we were taking in Ferrari money.

It was a silly thing to do, and it was fun at first, but since we'd rigged the game, and manipulated the outcome so much, it lost whatever momentary buzz it offered.

I'm guessing a similar set of circumstances have transpired here.
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03/18/15 7:42 AM GMT
An old discussion this maybe but it's relevance non the less grows! unfortunately it's fallen on deaf ears Nik. |o: The b/w challenge is one example of regular low entry numbers and poor quality images. Naturally Lyn does the best she can and she shouldn't take my comment personally.
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