Misguided Assumption  

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Uploaded: 08/17/22 9:57 PM GMT
Misguided Assumption
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Do not take things for granted. Get the facts first and then your judgement will be more honest and compelling:) Thanks for looking.


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08/18/22 7:11 AM GMT
Bruce, your both wonderful and intriguing render is accompanied with very wise words in your narrative.
As always there's an exception to the rule:
If someone, after doing research, claims something and every time it turns out to be right, I'm inclined - if fact-checking can't be done due to the lack of expertise - to take his or her 'statement' as true.
I hope that you'll take the above words for granted, Buddy, 😁
4∈ [?]
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08/31/22 5:37 AM GMT
I know I often find the wierdest things and interpretations in your fractals, Bruce, but in this one I actually first saw, as a large thumbnail, the yellow-fringed circle on the left as a clarifying halo around the face of an individual who appears to be running at quite a clip, his eyes turned backward to the right. I see him looking back to the face in the blue-tinged circle, who in response is concentrating on Mr. Yellow, who may likely have stolen something from Master Blue, who is seemingly imitating David Bowman at the very end of "2001: A Space Odyssey" (hint: He's a fetus! Just floating in orbit!).

-nik (never one to be conventional ;o)
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