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Uploaded: 07/15/09 11:33 PM GMT
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Taken in the back garden last week. The evening sun brought some light into the picture, but left it slightly overexposed on the left. The dark background providing the contrast to the fern was not lost though. Any hint of a breeze can create havoc with close-up shots, and most of the images had to be trashed on that day. Thanks for stopping by!!!


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07/18/09 6:08 AM GMT
Well focused and well done! At full size it has some amazing detail in it. Niiice.
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07/18/09 2:01 PM GMT
Very nice. I like the composition especially. The sort of muted colors really add a great deal to this image as well. Thanks for sharing.
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07/18/09 9:56 PM GMT
Nicely done. The dark background contrast well with the fern, lit by the side light of the evening. Good detail. Thanks for posting the photo.
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07/18/09 11:48 PM GMT
I like your fern Richard! Clear, detailed and like the color! Thanks! Allen
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07/27/11 3:05 PM GMT
My 10-20mm wide-angle lens has difficulty getting sharp focus along the perimeter of the shot so I usually shoot larger than I want, planning to crop in later in computer-processing. I can see that has happened here in your photo, Richard. It's an excellent capture; I love the detail in the tiny white leaves but it's those in the center that intrigue me most. I pulled your largest size off Caedes (1200 x 1600) and with your kind permission I'm going to crop it down to the center where I can see even the reddish-gold "hairs" prominent on the stem. Just a thought for your next submission.

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