Clifton Suspension Bridge in snow (again!)  

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Uploaded: 12/07/10 7:27 PM GMT
Clifton Suspension Bridge in snow (again!)
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Check out Clifton Suspension Bridge ,Bristol, UK. Taken a few hours ago following some exciting winter weather, for South West england at least! Stitched together from three separate images, handheld, so overlaps not 100% perfect. Increased tones/saturation/sharpness in PSPx3. The first image I took of the bridge today can be found here Bridge in Snow. Thanks for stopping by!!


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12/07/10 11:31 PM GMT
I like both images of the bridge for different reasons. This one is lovely too and such a nice perspective. You did quite well on this one too. This one seems to have a different WB than the first.
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12/07/10 11:40 PM GMT
A very nice wintery comp of this sweet structure!!
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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round??
12/08/10 12:36 AM GMT
It's too bad that the snow in the foreground wasn't virgin but I bet some postwork playin' around with it could make it so. Regardless of my niggling pickiness, this is an outstanding shot and deserves to be permed. I looked at your linked version as well and love 'em both, making them both favorites. I think I like this one just a little more because the open expanse in the foreground gives the bridge some balance and strength, in contrast, and the bench adds dimension and humanity. However, in the other version, I see someone standing near the right tower, giving that one corresponding dimension as well. Terrific job and thank you for sharing them both.

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12/08/10 2:33 PM GMT
A magnificent shot Richard!! I vote for permanency!!!!!!
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12/08/10 4:15 PM GMT
Great looking winter photo and lovely detail in the bridge too.It works very nicely with the two trees at both ends.
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12/09/10 6:44 PM GMT
Both are excellent. I especially enjoy this one because of the amazing frosty trees. Wonderful work putting them together. Saved.
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12/11/10 10:33 PM GMT
Wonderful shot.
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