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Uploaded: 10/03/15 9:47 PM GMT
Bu�aquinho Park.7
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With great extensions of grass, here goes one morning or afternoon splendid ....


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10/03/15 10:47 PM GMT
What an unusual find...the trunk bending to the ground and trying to make another start. It looks like it has been painted? Good one.
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10/04/15 5:16 PM GMT
I'm seeing other long trunks in the background, cut on both ends, and this one appears to have a face painted on the end. I'm guessing the other two are laying that way for a similar purpose. Since the other end of this one is resting in a depression, it's hard to tell if it grew that way or if it was cut as well. Can you solve the mystery?

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10/05/15 3:48 PM GMT
Clever - a tree to climb on or under with a cute face at kids eye level. I love when parks do things like this instead of cutting the tree down to land level or getting rid of the stump. Good find.
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