Gibsons Cave  

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Uploaded: 06/17/10 9:29 PM GMT
Gibsons Cave
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Though not as fast flowing, or anywhere near as high as it's well known near neighbour High Force, nevertheless, Summerhill Falls loses nothing in it's splendour, especially as it's own erosion over the years has produced "Gibson's Cave" - the grotto or shelf behind the actual waterfall itself that you can walk into, and thus stand behind the falling water


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06/17/10 9:55 PM GMT
Nice shot and description Richie. I have been once behind a bigger waterfall and I remember that it was as if the water had taken the air away, one had to take deep breaths.
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06/17/10 10:09 PM GMT
I really love the way the light is reflected off the wet rocks. A beautiful scene. Old Gibson is a lucky guy.
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06/17/10 10:11 PM GMT
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Great shot Sir Richie!!
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06/17/10 10:37 PM GMT
What a beautiful place. The lighting is perfect. Great job.
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06/18/10 12:02 AM GMT
Great shot. Super clarity and color.
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06/18/10 12:22 AM GMT
Looks like a good place to take a cold shower Count B. Wonderful work with your Nikon I presume. I will check the specs and learn something.


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06/18/10 6:58 AM GMT
Good shot for the kind of day it was!...
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06/18/10 9:26 AM GMT
---you can walk into, and thus stand behind the falling water--

Would give me the idea of taking a shower without becoming that wet, lol.

Love the deep tones in this one Richie, as they give this image a somewhat mysterious touch. Very fine post again!

Regards, cornelius.
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06/18/10 2:54 PM GMT
Good job mate. :)
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06/18/10 7:52 PM GMT
A beautiful view, and well taken!

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06/19/10 8:29 AM GMT
The very best capture from this beautiful oasis that you have broght to us. Faved.
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06/19/10 11:49 PM GMT
So Beautiful place.Lovely lighting.Fantastic photo,Richie.
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06/29/10 9:18 PM GMT
How on Earth did you get this beauty,as that day was so wet and dull. Real Nice work.
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