Parking for One  

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Uploaded: 05/27/14 12:41 AM GMT
Parking for One
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Parking for One was photographed at Alum Creek State Park, northeast of Columbus.


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05/27/14 1:37 PM GMT
John, this is such a superb image, a wonderful use of light, and shadows, and well composed, what a marvelous sky you had that day. =^..^=tigs
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
05/27/14 1:38 PM GMT
I think this is another angle of your last shot, Shads.
Someone is about to have a picnic.
Was the boat rocking?
Good lighting and shadows as usual.


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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
05/27/14 1:58 PM GMT
So what if the boat was rocking?!:)
Maybe Boris was dreaming about chasing cats...
Ideal place for picnic for the undersigned. Thanks very much. When are we expected to arrive?
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With all my love and respect, Marzena
05/27/14 1:58 PM GMT
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of course.
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With all my love and respect, Marzena
05/27/14 5:29 PM GMT
If this wasn't taken on Memorial Day then it's definitely the poster child for an idyllic, carefree day, spent to make the most of nature and recreation therein. I want to be right there... with my kayaks. Race ya! -Nik
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05/27/14 6:55 PM GMT
Feel myself at ease by only viewing this wonderful image, so I would't have any problem spending there a couple of hours John.

Captured very well my friend!

Regards, Cornelius.
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05/27/14 10:10 PM GMT
It is so beautiful. Great shot, John.
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05/27/14 11:01 PM GMT
Looks like a beautiful day to sit here!
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05/28/14 7:57 AM GMT
I feel a wee snooze coming on..can you prop up that bench so I won't roll off then!..☺
A delightful scene, which oozes peacefulness!...a good POV for this too
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"Never stop photographing. It is very likely that your best photograph has not yet been captured"> "You can observe a lot by just watching". - Yogi Berra
05/28/14 9:13 AM GMT
John - You masterfully controlled the light, which was a challenge, to create wonderful contrasts that accentuate the focal points of the image. Well done! Thad
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If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn't need to lug around a camera. ~Lewis Hine The Earth without art is just 'eh'.
05/30/14 3:41 PM GMT
Looks like a wonderful & quiet place to have a picnic and enjoy the surroundings. Beautiful shot
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