Mural 03  

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Uploaded: 09/21/16 6:36 PM GMT
Mural 03
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I like to continue my Mural series with this one.

This mural on a 'blind' side wall of a shopping mall in Flushing, Zeeland, The Netherlands, is painted by the Dutch artist Stefan Thelen (aka 'Super-A') and it's named 'Flushing, 700 Years Maritime Town'. It shows a young woman surrounded by typical Flushing features such as the Scheldt Crane, and the shore light on the sea front.


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09/21/16 9:53 PM GMT
There is so much to take in and think on. The soldier on the beach strikes me too. wonderful image Cornelius.
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09/21/16 11:55 PM GMT
The symbolism is fascinating! I don't know much of what it means, but the combination of color and objects is wonderful! I do know that the iconic moon is from a French silent film. Great shot and so glad you posted it.
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09/22/16 1:27 AM GMT
Who is the man with something sticking out of his face? A colourful gruesome image.
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09/22/16 3:20 AM GMT
What a creative artistic painting, love it! tigs=^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
09/22/16 9:18 AM GMT
Another very beautiful work from the artist with so many nautical items here Cornelius - everything from old sailing vessel to modern container ship.
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09/22/16 9:49 AM GMT

Tom (Tomeast): "The soldier on the beach strikes me too."

Tom, please check-out this link for more details";


Frank (flanno2610): "Who is the man with something sticking out of his face?:

Frank, it's an illustration that can be found in Jules Verne's novel 'From the Earth to the Moon'.
In 1902, the adventure inspired film director Georges M�li�s to film A trip to the moon, one of the first ever films.
This feature is related to the film festival 'Film by the sea' held in the 'Cine City' of Flushing yearly with more than 45,000 visitors.
The 'Cine City' has a mural as well.

I'll post an image of it in the near future.

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09/22/16 2:50 PM GMT
This is a fascinating mural Mr. C. - so much history in this and the film he references is very familiar to me as a film study student. It's really beautiful and colorful as well a compact history lesson.
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09/22/16 10:15 PM GMT
Wow, this one is beautiful, such detail and this artist is extremely talented. Right into my favs
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09/23/16 1:10 AM GMT
I remember watching a little film with that moon image in it awhile back, It was a neat little movie. Nice series and amazing artwork. Nice capture Cornelius.
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05/08/18 6:24 PM GMT
I immediately recognized the moon face from "Le Voyage Dans la Lun" (A Trip to the Moon, 1902) by Georges Melies (mil-yes), one of my favorite silent films. The production of that film is heavily featured in the twelfth and last episode of the 1998 HBO miniseries, "From the Earth to the Moon". The creation of that "moon face" is at the end of this short clip from that last episode. I do recognize other elements in there from some of your other photos, like that red light"house", for example, and the container ship. I like places where painted murals are not only allowed but encouraged.

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10/17/19 3:23 PM GMT
This one has so much history in it SEA. What a wonderful work for all to enjoy. Thanks for sharing.


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