Nobility 12  

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Uploaded: 11/29/17 11:09 AM GMT
Nobility 12
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Although taken a while ago (July 2016, on an annual horse driving competition on the peninsula Walcheren, Zeeland, The Netherlands), I still will upload this image in order to prevent that it disappears unseen in the 'dustbin'.


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11/29/17 11:11 AM GMT
You have captured wonderful 'hoof action' here Cornelius ! Theiy are so in step as well. A delight to view this photo.:)
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11/29/17 11:17 AM GMT
Those certainly are some high-stepping beauties, all ready for performing with their manes cropped into balls. Think I need to do some research to find the name of that technique... be right back...

Aha! They're called "button braids", and apparently the process can take weeks to accomplish.

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11/29/17 12:52 AM GMT
I'm glad you shared this one, I think it is a marvelous image showing them instep. tigs=^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
11/29/17 3:53 PM GMT
"I still will upload this image in order to prevent that it disappears unseen in the 'dustbin".

I'm gad you didn't , Cornelius !
Fantastic image !

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11/29/17 7:47 PM GMT
What beautiful horses and such a wonderful gait they have Mr. C. I love that almost liver color of their coat.
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11/29/17 7:58 PM GMT
I find it interesting that two of them have their left front leg off the ground and the other two have their right front leg in the air. It must have something to do with being in the inside or outside.
You really captured the sense of motion in this one SEA. Super composition with excellent coloring. Outstanding per usual.


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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
11/29/17 9:35 PM GMT
I love these "Nobility" photos of yours because of the superb clarity, composition and focus. This one is again no exception. Well done again my friend.
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11/30/17 7:32 PM GMT
Oh my goodness what breath taking horses and so proud - magnificent action shot and colours. Downloaded and Fav'd.
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12/01/17 10:04 AM GMT
proud horses with a eqestrian stance
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12/03/17 7:51 AM GMT
Back to the simple life C ...a beautiful capture.

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12/03/17 9:32 PM GMT
Nobility and horsed always go together? Nice work.
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