Elementary School For Geese  

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Uploaded: 05/27/18 7:27 AM GMT
Elementary School For Geese
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It seems that three different elementary school classes with geese are being taught by their teachers (parents) here, ☺ .


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05/27/18 8:01 AM GMT
Some gazing at that large family sailing past...A lot of mouths to feed!
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05/27/18 8:26 AM GMT
It is always interesting to see the father leading the way and the mother at the back making sure that no "students" stray from the line. Nice capture.
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05/27/18 9:42 AM GMT
Very interesting and amusing to see the 3 different groups...the ones in the foreground seem to be watching how orderly the ones in the middle are and the ones in the back just seem to be doing their own thing, lol...a great find and capture, SEA.
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05/27/18 10:48 AM GMT
This is so cute, busy day on the waterway my friend. Lol!
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05/27/18 4:02 PM GMT
Great timing getting the shot of everyone getting ready for class.
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05/27/18 4:18 PM GMT
The noise those geese do when together is really noisy...A wonderful picture here.
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05/27/18 4:38 PM GMT
I love how the ones in the middle are the "A" students - all lined up! Wonderful and funny capture Mr. C.
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05/27/18 8:00 PM GMT
That's a perfect title for this post. its just like that! to sit and watch them, they are quite comical to observe no doubt. excellent presentation Mr C.
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05/28/18 2:11 AM GMT
"Now, you see, children? That's how it's done." Each of these three groups seem to have the same formation in mind; one parent as the engine and one as the caboose... determined only by the direction of travel. A fun capture, C., and a unique one among tons of goose photos.

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05/30/18 5:05 PM GMT
Lol, really does look like a playground of a school. Such a adorable capture of all these geese.
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06/03/18 10:15 PM GMT
LOL Wonderful capture, they are so lovely.
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