One Million and Two  

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Uploaded: 03/01/13 12:46 AM GMT
One Million and Two
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Mandelbulb 3D


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03/01/13 1:11 AM GMT

+favs for me.
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03/01/13 5:05 AM GMT
Very cool and very realistic. I like how the background images are out of focus, as though you traveled to a distant planet and took your camera along. I also like the format you used. The square shape, unusual on this site, seems to compress the perspective and forces the eye to absorb more detail.

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03/01/13 9:37 PM GMT
A remarkable image Brent. Love that superb 3D affect!!!!! Great colors as well!!
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03/02/13 1:19 AM GMT
The depth of field is super. Mandlebulb does my head in. Plus waiting patiently for renders is too painful for me but i do enjoy seeing what it can do with someone sensible at the controls.
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03/06/13 6:21 AM GMT
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03/07/13 6:59 AM GMT
Amazingly Wow! A wonderful looking creation and image. A very nice sense of depth and layering.
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03/14/13 5:41 PM GMT
I read everyone's comments, and I agree with some, too. I brings a sense of peace, and reminds me of the majesty of certain Gothic churches .... very beautiful.
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01/28/14 6:29 AM GMT
well done
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06/14/14 1:54 PM GMT
This is just absolutely superb! I want to reach in and touch it. Great job on this!!

Thanks :)
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