Downright Daffilicious!!!  

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Uploaded: 06/22/10 5:31 AM GMT
Downright Daffilicious!!!
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I found these pure white Daffodils at the beach! I've never seen any like this. Such virgin loveliness! It was an exciting find. And I hope you enjoy them also, and any comments are appreciated so much.


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06/22/10 6:06 AM GMT
They are strange..Different..Did some end up in a vase ;) ..R.
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06/22/10 7:01 AM GMT
---I've never seen any like this---

I don't have seen them either, Verena, but they are wonderful, so your hope has come true, lol.

Regards, Cornelius.
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Cornelius was here either to enjoy your image or say 'thank you' for your interest in my work. Please CLICK HERE to see my journal!
06/22/10 9:15 AM GMT
I've never seen any either, nor known any to bloom so late in the year. A rare capture, Verena.
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"Days are where we live. They come, they wake us Time and time over. " PHILIP LARKIN (1922-1985)
06/22/10 11:26 AM GMT
The photo of the white daffodils is lovely,i think i have never seen any either.
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06/22/10 11:59 AM GMT
Have to agree..didn't think that there was such a thing as white daffodils. Nice job.
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"Hurry to meet Death before your place is taken."
06/22/10 2:21 PM GMT
.` ♥..
..) .*)
..) .*)
(.♥ (.♥
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every day is a gift......that's why it's called the present!!
06/22/10 2:41 PM GMT
Very nice. I like the way they "V" across the center of the shot.
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06/22/10 3:59 PM GMT
Different yet beautiful flowers. Long leaves made very nice background. And a composition of Verena quality.

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Be free - use Linux
06/22/10 4:00 PM GMT
Natural and beautiful! I've never seen white ones either and your shot is perfect girl!
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06/22/10 6:03 PM GMT
Unusual but beautiful. Good job Verena.
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06/22/10 9:10 PM GMT
Unique and so Beautiful..Never seen white ones either.A Beautiful photo,Verena.
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06/22/10 9:51 PM GMT
Whoa, this is a fabulous capture and find Verena. I've never seen these either. Gave this a high score in VB earlier. Way to go girl
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06/22/10 10:40 PM GMT
The beautiful Daffy O'Dills would gook great on the kitchen table in a fancy vase. Great shot, Verena.
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06/23/10 2:05 AM GMT
They are lovely.
I have seen white ones before, but with shorter trumpets.
This makes a very pleasing desktop, especially on a cold winter day.
Thankyou :)
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06/23/10 2:36 AM GMT
Very pretty and lovely capture..Exposure is spot on with the whites. Would look great in a vase on my table.
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06/23/10 12:00 AM GMT
Lovely presentation! nice post.
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06/24/10 11:24 PM GMT
Beautiful flowers. Exposure is very good
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07/08/10 1:16 AM GMT
Beautiful blooms and wonderful title for your image. Very nicely captured and presented. Great find Verena.
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