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07/09/10 11:32 PM GMT
I am still sitting here in shock, with tears in my eyes. I am going to miss you Mom so much. What a great lady. God bless you and your family, Amber.
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07/09/10 11:35 PM GMT
Jim expressed my thoughts too.... You are all in my prayers...

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07/09/10 11:47 PM GMT
It is very sad to hear about your mother,it is unbelievable,she was a nice person,may i ask what the cause of death is?

I present my condolences to you and your family.Have a nice summer.
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07/10/10 12:38 AM GMT
I will always remember how happy she was when she called me in Plymouth, UK to tell me she had received the music CD's I sent her a while ago, I just cant get this into my head that she's gone, I sit here now at 1.33am in tears, so hard to type this at this sad time, we ALL will miss her so much, I'm going to miss my phone calls to her, we hade some good times on the phone, my Miss V as I always called her, but rest assured, I will never forget the sweet woman I met on this site, her photos and art will always be with me.

I pray for you all, you will get over this one day, and remember her for what she was, a great friend to so many people.


((( hugs )))

I hope you dont mind me putting up mums photo, just wanna see that smile a few more times.


Mark & Tina Truman.
The Sasraku Cattery,
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07/10/10 4:09 AM GMT
My prayers are with you and all your family Amber for your loss. She was a rock that will be missed. We all loved her as you can see from the outpouring of love from all around the world. Not many people are loved worldwide like you mom was.

Tick (Ron Morgan)
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Cameras are like people--sometimes they lose focus.
07/10/10 7:32 AM GMT
Dear Amber,
We gonna miss our dear friend Verena dearly. It's a great loss both for us their Caedes-friends, but even more for you and all your family!
Can't still believe she has passed away.
Hard to imagine that there will be no more new photographs, art creations, poems, comments and personal messages from her.
I'm grateful, not only for the beauty she has offered us on this site, but in particular that she was a dear Caedes-friend of mine.
Offer you my sincere condoleances. Wish you all strenght in the difficult times to come.
Cornelius (from The Netherlands, Europe)
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Cornelius was here either to enjoy your image or say 'thank you' for your interest in my work. Please CLICK HERE to see my journal!
07/10/10 9:48 AM GMT
Dear Amber,
I am so sorry to hear about your mother, it is a great loss for you and the family. She was a wonderful friend and artist. I loved her unique work. She was a dear friend here on Caedes and we talked by PM from time to time. I knew her as a warm and caring person with something positive to say even when life was hard on her. She will be greatly missed here on Caedes because she was one of those people that made Caedes to the warm and friendly place in cyberspace that it is.
My sincere condoleances to you and the family.
Susanne (from Sweden, Europe)

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07/10/10 1:45 PM GMT
Thank you Amber for the words about your mother. She was truly loved around here by many,many people. She will never be replaced........just remembered for the kind,gentle, giving soul that we all knew and loved. Seems such a tragedy but she sounds like she left us doing what she loved and in the most peaceful of ways. I guess you couldn't ask for more than that when it's your time. She's with the angels now........and we will all truly miss 'our' Verena. John
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Always remember - Follow the Yellow Brick Road, it will lead you to OZ and the Emerald City. A very nice place to live. Trust me on this one, I live there. The Lion **** MY CAEDES GALLERY****Another Site I'm AT - MY DA HOME PAGE
07/10/10 8:21 PM GMT
Your mom was a wonderful part of this Community...Thank you...
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07/11/10 3:12 PM GMT
I was saddened to hear of your mothers passing. You and your family are in my prayers. She had a sweet, sweet spirit.

Scott aka connodado
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Student of photography.
07/14/10 12:58 AM GMT
Amber I'm totally shocked because your mom and I chatted on Skype and on our web cams and I felt like she was right here in my home in Northern Ontario. She was a wonderful and loving person and always tried hard looking at the bright side of her life, even in the rough times of recent the past year.

I will truly miss her and our chats and all her beautiful work here on Caedes. May she rest in peace now. Take care my friend and you all will be in my thoughts and prayers to help you get over this very difficult time. Hugs Skates

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07/14/10 11:54 AM GMT
Hi Amber, I loved your tribute to your Mum. I found myself thinking "I've never heard of sugarfree peppermint syrup, I will have to look and see if we have any in the UK! I love sugarfree mints, so why not syrup?" There are things in that list I've never seen or tried, but I can join in with your mother in other things, especially messy handwriting and bacon. :-)

I talked with your mother a little, and not as much as some here; but she was on my friends list, and I will miss her postings and comments.

It's a sad time for all of us, and my heart goes out to you and your siblings and other family members.

Tootles (Scotland, UK)
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07/15/10 12:05 AM GMT
Hello! Amber. It is very heart broken to hear about your mother passing. My condolences go out to you and the rest of your families. Verena has been a great friend and will be totally missed.
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07/16/10 12:10 AM GMT
Hi Amber. Your mother was a good friend of mine. In fact, we were planning a family trip to Oregon in August, and she was helping me with a list of places to see and things to do - one of which was to have the opportunity to meet her in person.

I am so sorry to hear that she passed away. My deepest sympathy to you and your family.
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07/17/10 12:41 AM GMT
Thank you very much for the comment on "In memory of Verena,big cloud".Your mother was a good person,she will be missed.Have a good weekend.
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07/17/10 3:52 PM GMT
Hello Amber. Your mother was a dear sweet soul that brought joy and happiness to the people she touched despite the hardships in her own life. We will miss her greatly and our prayers for peace and comfort go out to you and your family during this time of sorrow. Thank you for sharing your story with us and allowing us to grieve along with you. May her gallery of beautiful images live long on caedes and in out hearts.

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