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Picture Question

08/18/06 9:23 PM GMT
I have no idea what its called...but...Caedes sells some prints, and one of the prints is the caedes logo but it's made out of a ton of pictures arranged so it looks like 1 big picture.

1) What is it called?
2) Is it done by hand or is there a program where you give a picture that you want the end product to look like and you give 1000 images that make up the big picture?

Thanks, I'm sorry to waste your time.
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08/18/06 10:15 PM GMT
I think it's called a photo mosaic. here.
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08/18/06 10:16 PM GMT
Now that I know the name of it, I can search Google! =D

Thanks! I found a free one [software] called: AndreaMosaic.
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