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The Fine Print

Images uploaded via this form will appear in the 'new images' gallery. Only images which are your own original work should be submitted. Any images in violation of the Code of Conduct will be deleted. Please upload the largest possible version of the image (but under 3200 pixels in width and height), we will create the smaller versions automatically. You will have complete control to edit or delete your uploaded images.

Most images will stay in the "new images" gallery for at least one month. After one month the image will be evaluated for inclusion in the permanent collection. Any images not chosen for the permanent collection will be "archived" (removed from the main galleries but still available in your personal gallery). We reserve the right to reject or delete any uploaded image at any time.

By uploading an image you affirm that the image cannot be claimed as intellectual property by any third party. If the uploaded image is found to violate any third party's property the image will be prompty removed. and it's maintainers assume no responsibility for the material contributed by members (including commentary and image content).