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Eyedropper Tool

08/20/06 6:03 AM GMT
What I want to do is get the hexadecimal (right word?) color of the deviantART background and use it as a background color on the caedes logo. (for The only way to do this, that I know of is:

1) Take a screen shot of the deviantART page and open it in photoshop
2) Use the eyedropper tool on the background color (the light grey one #BAC5BA)
3) Open the caedes logo and create a new layer.
4) Use the paint bucket tool to fill the layer (The background and foreground colors are BAC5BA)
5) When I fill in the layer it is NOT the same color as the deviantART background color! If I use the eyedropper tool on the caedes background layer, it comes out with a color of: C2C2C2 not BAC5BA!

I've tried everything, and I cant get the bucket tool to fill the layer with BAC5BA. :-S Help?...plz?
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08/20/06 7:38 AM GMT
Firstly make sure that Photoshop is set to RGB color. Go to image > mode > and make sure that RGB color is checked.

Then double click on the set foreground color block. The color picker will open. Simply type in the hex code (BAC5BA). Check that "Only web colors" is not checked. Click on ok. Then use the paint bucket to fill the layer.

See if that works. I'm guessing that it's either the color mode, or the web colors that might be causing the problem.
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08/20/06 7:53 AM GMT
...Thats funny. I wonder how it got on greyscale. ??? Well, thanks for the help. (I feel embarrased/embarassed/embarrassed/etc)
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08/20/06 8:01 AM GMT
Greyscale... that explains it. Glad to be of help.
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08/20/06 12:11 AM GMT
ColorZilla extension for Firefox

Noah .. wasn't it YOU that sent me a PM, laughing at me for knowing the HEX number for an exact color?

well .. it was THIS same color .. and .. it was THIS exact reason why I knew it .. and it was THIS tool that I used to get it

DA Light Green .. BBC2BB .. Used on the burnt edge of my DA ID

There are many FREE standalone variations on this idea .. colorpad .. colorpic
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08/20/06 1:42 PM GMT
No more screen shots!? I'll download it [colorzilla] when I wake up. Its 6:42, I wake up at 12ish. =)

*edit* I GOT IT! =) Now I wont have to worry about screenshots taking up space.
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