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new images off line

08/27/06 12:32 AM GMT
To show, or to get your images listed at caedes, there is a viewing rate.....

Today, ...or the moderators where slow, or the site did not work, what ever,and i do not care.. the new images did not show for a total of 5 hours

I hate this, since we want responces to our works.
At last, the new images showed,
but my image posted was already at page 2
What do we do ? nobody looks at page 2 !!!!
I just want fair rated images, and this is not the way.
When a new image is posted, we want to see it at page 1. a slow inbuild release would help.
We pay to help build Caedes, but we do not pay to have a delay of 5 hours, this is not acceptable.

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08/27/06 12:44 AM GMT
Actually I think page 2 is pretty good for me - sometimes my images went all the way to page five. Since the mods have to approve of an image before it can show up, I'd suggest waiting until a mod is online before uploading, but keep in mind that the mods are busy people with lives outside of the site - they may not be able to approve an image the second it is uploaded.
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08/27/06 12:49 AM GMT
Did you remember to tip the moderator who approved your last image?
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08/27/06 12:51 AM GMT
measures are in place NOW to try and relieve the wait

but ... remember .. this is the internet, people have real lives and responsiblities ... if there are NO guarantees in real life, there are even fewer on the internet
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08/27/06 2:16 PM GMT
Also remember that voting takes place randomly now. That means that if your image needs votes the voting booth will make sure that it gets voted on, regardless on which page the image is.
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08/27/06 2:33 PM GMT
another thing...there's three ways to view new images ( and all images in every gallery). one is random order, two is by C- Index (highest first), and the third is by date order (newest first). so there's a good chance that alot of ppl wont see your image immediately no matter when you post it, or when it gets approved. and if you're really in a hurry to have people look at or comment on your image, simply post a request in the 'Request for Comment' forum in the Discussion Boards.
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08/28/06 2:47 AM GMT
This also depends on how many images you decide to display on a page. At the rate images are approved lately (since my month holiday of no Caedes) they are lucky to appear on page one @ 12 images/page for more than 1.5 hours. I hate scrolling through web pages!
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