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Rendering in Apo 2.04 JF version

08/27/06 11:26 PM GMT
Is it possible to have 2 instances of Apo running at the same time. I am rendering now, and would like to work on another flame. I also noticed a plugin, or script that allows one to render more than one flame at a time. How do you go about doing this? Any help on this issue is much appreciated, as I am a new user with the program :)
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08/27/06 11:58 PM GMT
yes you can open it 2 at the same time.. i have done that many times.. what you have to do is have the one open that your rendering then click on your apop icon again and open a new window.... however I wouldnt render 2 at the same time as this will be very very very slow not only for your render but also for your whole computer.. If you need any more help or have anymore questions feel free to send me a pm i'll help you..
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08/28/06 12:03 AM GMT
when I render I use "export flame" in the file menu (i believe) .. this uses an external renderer and allows me to work on other flames ....... I don't know about the script, I never got it to work .. but it's likely to render one after another in sequence

flam3, the export renderer, can be downloaded here (v2.7b8) ... place the folder in your C:\ root directory .. in your options\paths\export-renderer .. link to flam3_render.exe .. that is in the folder you placed in your C:\ root

set your FILETYPE to JPG (if that's what you want) using the folder icon next to the name\destination box .. dial in your quality settings, etc ... you can ignore the settings box in the bottom area of FLAM3

you can even close apo after the dos box opens and you see the timeclock spin down .. (i move this box down off my screen in the lower-right corner of my screen)

any questions = ask
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08/28/06 12:36 AM GMT
Thank you Jacqueline and Keith, for your prompt responses. I do have one more general question, if I may. My renders typically take 2-3 hours, is this normal?

And Keith, I have attempted to use the "export flame", once. However, the timing for renders took about the same amount of time. I had read in a tutorial, that the export feature not only speeds up the time, but provides a better quality image. What's your opinion on that? By the way, I had the flam3 folder as a subfolder inside the Apo program folder, not sure if that was correct.
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08/28/06 12:56 AM GMT
my longest render was .. 110 hours ... and, NO, you can't tell by looking at it ;o)

It is possible that the statement about speed was from v2.02 (by mark townsend) .. and it was true at that time ... the versions after 2.02 have been largely re-programed from scratch by Utak3r and Zueuk with an initial emphasis on rendering speed and quality, and now features

the exact version you are using is by Joel Faber .. and I doubt he did more than add a "variation" to the list ... but, I don't know what all he did

so .. to sum up .. the current versions are probably rendering faster and a better quality .. and where the flam3\internal APOP render quality is now .. only U+Z could tell you ... very smart chaps, they are

2-3 hours is probably the average I am getting these days
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08/28/06 1:08 AM GMT
Smart chaps indeed, as are you! I have seen some of their works. Thank you kindly for the information, Keith :)
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08/29/06 5:37 PM GMT
I still work on my flame while it is the same apophysis window...
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08/29/06 10:47 PM GMT
Thanks, Ryan, for that added information.
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