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Link to flip desktop posts

02/12/08 11:00 PM GMT
Hi I'm a member only, with no photography nor photoshop experience. I see wonderful desktops but most are for left sided icons mine are on the right, and work best for me that way. Would it be possible to have an easy link (on Caedes) to do this? Or does one already exit? Thank you for your help and also for your wonderful photography.

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02/13/08 12:09 AM GMT
chances are good that your image viewer of choice will offer the opportunity to flip horizontally, as well as "set as desktop"

if not .. then .. (*drumroll*) ... check out irfanview (FREE) (WINDOWS)

H = flip horizontally

Ctrl+Shift+S = set as wallpaper

in addition to numerous other functions and frills

if you use a MAC .. well, then, somebody will be along shortly to help you .. (when the short bus arrives)
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02/13/08 4:45 PM GMT
Thanks KEIFER, but I have an iMac, guess I have to wait for the short bus...
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02/13/08 9:38 PM GMT
yes .. but, as I understand it .. MACs come with every creative software program anybody could EVER want .. not only that, but they are so intuitive, even a YAK could figure them out

so sayeth the commercials ;)

check whatever program you use to view images .. poke around the menus .. and I trust you will find these options
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02/15/08 12:45 AM GMT
Two online editors - both do flips




I have my icons on the right as well

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The question is not what you look at, but what you see ~ Marcel Proust
02/20/08 5:20 PM GMT
Thank you both! FixPicture worked like a charm.

Any possibility of posting this link in an obvious place? In my travels through the galleries of Caedes I've seen other members bemoan the fact that a beautiful desktop wouldn't work for their computer configuration.

Again, thank you very much!
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