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Photoshop Question

02/21/08 2:10 AM GMT
I have a picture that I took of a leopard a few weeks back, however in the picture there is a pole in front of the leopards face. Is there any way to remove the pole without messing up my picture? Any sugesstions are greatly appreciated.
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02/21/08 2:50 AM GMT
I'd use the cloning tool =)
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02/22/08 2:41 AM GMT
Definitely lots of really depends on where the pole is in the shot, how big it is, etc. You could post the shot and offer it up to anyone who would like to rework it. You could check out the rework gallery to see some of the masters at work and send them a PM (it's amazing what some people can do). Or you can just take a crack at yourself and start honing your photoshop skills ;)
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02/22/08 11:12 AM GMT
As bean says, it depends where the pole is and how much it interferes with the image. You have to take into account not just the leopards face, but the background as well. I'd be happy to have a look at it for you. My email address is in my profile. Or as bean also says, you can try yourself (but always work on a 'copy' of your original), and there are plenty of tutorials available online if you need guidance.
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