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Newbie introduction

02/24/08 11:31 PM GMT
Regmar told me of this site (whilst engaging in one of his many hobbies)
I thought I'd stop in and take a look around if you folks don't mind ;)

I guess I should throw something up since I'm here
This is a South Louisiana sunset on the Bayou

:edit: typical noob image
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02/24/08 11:52 PM GMT
Hi.. welcome to Caedes.. i know you will enjoy it here.. lots of great images and friendly (some are crazy) folks.. beware though it can become addictive.. lol

Beautiful sunset.. hope your going to post it on here =)
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02/25/08 4:53 AM GMT
Welcome hope you have fun.
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02/25/08 7:30 AM GMT
Welcome :-)
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02/25/08 1:34 PM GMT
Welcome, and nice image. Certainly wouldn't be out of place on here!
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02/25/08 2:49 PM GMT
That would look great as a desktop wallpaper, you should post it here. Great sunset photo.
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02/26/08 2:29 AM GMT
Thanks for the welcomes :)
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03/01/08 3:24 AM GMT
Welcome to caedes!
I agree that you should post that photo on this site.(very nice :-))
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John 3:16
03/01/08 4:33 AM GMT
This is Caedes!

Where the Deviants are all going! (LOL)
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03/03/08 6:54 PM GMT
Hi Jaydee. A really big welcome from me. I figured just ignore me like everybody else does :-) JK. I know you'll like it here. It's a pretty civil crowd of art lovers.
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ж Regmar ж

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