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03/12/08 1:12 AM GMT
I ned a good fractal generator. I've tried various genrators but nothing suits me. HELP IS BADLY NEEDED!
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03/12/08 7:47 AM GMT
Please, avoid caps letters. Thanks.
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03/12/08 11:45 AM GMT
PC or Mac?

For your consideration:

Does anyone have any suggestions for good fractal software?

Keep in mind that some of the links may be outdated, for example ... the program Apophysis is now on versions; 2.07 and then there's the 3d hack version as well.

You can get those ... here.

A 'one stop Apop shop'. Read further on the above linked page.

Did you try a search of the forums on the site here? As I am aware that there are other discussion threads that had come up asking your same question. Have a look.

Feel free to ask questions ... don't worry about 'YELLING' though. We have good hearing ... and eyes. :oP
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