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Where is my photo ?

03/29/08 4:54 AM GMT
Where is my photo ? It was on New Images for a couple of days and then when I went to look for it, it was gone. I looked in sort by days and the C # - Please advise ? Thanks
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03/29/08 5:53 AM GMT
Hello Lorena,

Cutting to the chase here ... did you receive any notification of any kind from the site administrators regarding your image in question?

If not, you could message one of the image mods ... the list is found here ... and ask what has transpired. You want an individual that has either a + or = symbol in front of their username.

They have the ability to check image records, and sort this out for you and provide an explanation.

I'd be only speculating without further information.

Just ensure that whoever you do choose to message your query to ... is active, in that they have logged onto the site recently. Some are not as active as others. Check the relevant dates.

And by all means, keep 'us' apprised by posting whether this is of help to you on this discussion thread here ... to help further a resolution quicker for you. :o)
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03/29/08 7:46 AM GMT
I see two photos of a cat in your gallery, they are both available to public view. The only thing I can think of is that maybe they have been archived and that's why you can't see them in the "new images" gallery. You can only view archived images in you personal gallery. Generally snashots of pets will be archived quickly, especially if you upload multiple images of the same animals.
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