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Personal Icon Size

01/15/05 2:51 AM GMT
I have attempted to upload a personal icon for the bigest part of the day. The directions call for an image of 60x60 and the file not be bigger than 5kb. I cannot seem to get an image that small. As close as I have gotten is an image of 16x16 with resoluttin of 25. The image was very out of fcus and when I tried to uploadit I received the same old message; teh file is to large. What am I missing??
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01/15/05 3:11 AM GMT
Go back to your original image and save as a GIF. Then crop* to the 60x60. If still too big (over 5kbs), lessen the resolution or crop slightly smaller. For example, my icon is 60x60, 3.25 kbs.

*also use the 'image size' tool in PS or similar.
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01/15/05 4:26 AM GMT
You can also right click on the file to check the file size. If it's any bigger than 5kb, don't waste time trying to upload it...
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01/15/05 11:41 AM GMT
Thank you camerahound and Samatar. The GIF instead of the JPEG file made the difference
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01/21/05 6:09 PM GMT
or better yet....just save as a JPG in mspaint and everything is dandy...
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