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Rendering Software

01/20/05 7:12 PM GMT
Hello Peoples,
I recently got a Mac, and I wanted decent fractal rendering software (I had Fractal Explorer), or other software in the same lines that is Mac OS compatible. If anyone has seen any (or used any) good (preferribly free) software, please let me know! Thanks!!!
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01/20/05 7:24 PM GMT
The only thing Mac people give away for free is advice and that is "DONT BUY A PC" LoL.
I know this had nothing to do with your question but I had to make a joke sorry.
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01/21/05 4:33 AM GMT
here is a compiled list of free softwares.
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01/27/05 12:15 AM GMT
Hahaha, thanks tbob... btw that's the best advice I could ask for ;)
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