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looking for a specific wallpaper

01/29/05 1:26 AM GMT
First off,this place is perfect!
I have been searching for a sight that had it all,and I finally found it!This place is so much more than I could ever have expected.That said,I am looking for a Garage Scene wallpaper for my computor at work and this seems to be the place to come.Could one of you terrific people out there guide me to this particular scene.
Thanks Again and I'm glad to be a new member of such a GREAT PLACE!!
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01/29/05 1:32 AM GMT
I'm confused. Is this a scene you know you saw here? Is it a parking garage scene? If not, could you be more specific?
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01/29/05 3:55 AM GMT
Try Photography ->Architecture
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01/29/05 4:02 AM GMT
well to be more specific,an automotive garage bay with tools,toolboxes,car lift,benches,gas can,things on the walls,spare tires,something along the lines of any gas station or service station with garage doors opened and/or gas pumps outside,(depending on the view or angle of the shot taken).
Hopefully this will be accurate.
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01/29/05 9:13 PM GMT
I could probably hook you up with a photo if I was back at home with my parents. My dad owns a garage just like you are describing.
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01/31/05 12:54 AM GMT
I took some lovely shots of Lamborghini's in such a setting. Would you like me to send you a couple?

I have this super nice one with a head on shot of a Murcielago framed with a GMC Sierra jacked up above dripping oil into a saucer, but it is on my cell phone! Grr, if only I had my camera there the first time I went to shoot photos... *grumbles with ambiguity*
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