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Saving pictures on desktop

11/07/13 12:54 AM GMT
I can no longer save an image on my desktop- they all come out blurry- what happened. I used to be able to choose the size I wanted and now nothing works correctly
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11/08/13 3:27 AM GMT
Are you opening the image to full size?

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04/22/14 11:53 PM GMT
I am having the same problem. Saved images are way to big and they are blurry. I have tried both ways...first by clicking on the small image and then I tried on the biggier size and both are not working on my desktop. Can we please have the option of different sizes again? Thank you.
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09/24/14 4:12 PM GMT
I agree with the above, no matter what I try, every picture comes out blurry. Where are the instructions or tutorial to get the image to show nicely?

Please advise?
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09/26/14 4:00 AM GMT
I am having no issues with images on my laptop, tablet or desktop computer.

Possible check your desktop resolution.

Other than that, I have no idea what the problem might be.

Sorry I cannot help more.
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09/26/14 5:15 PM GMT
You should download the large size (or directly set it as your background) and make sure that your desktop is scaling the image so that the whole image is displayed. If you still have problems, please post a screenshot of your desktop and a link to the image on where you got the image.
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10/30/16 4:05 PM GMT
This question gets asked quite frequently, so..

~le bump ~
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