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09/16/13 2:10 PM GMT
It seems to me that lines and curves is far more suited to all the different types of artists on here. And we just had "Absurd" as the topic so "weird and unusual' is way too similar.
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09/16/13 5:11 PM GMT
I agree, Kathy, it is very similar...what people can do is click on 'Contests' and scroll down to see all the different contest themes we've had in the past before making a new suggestion, to help to avoid these similar themes and also when you scroll down you can click on 'topic poll' to see some of the contest topics that were suggested in the past but never won the vote and could be suggested again as some were very good ideas.
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09/17/13 10:29 PM GMT
We have had "Just lines", "Curves", and "geometric" before.
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09/18/13 4:50 AM GMT
It's true we had 'geometrics' in early 2011, 'just lines' in 8/11/09, and curves farther back than that. I'm willing to give 'lines and curves' a chance in 2013. But I ain't picky about subjects; even if I don't enter a contest it's fun looking for current subjects in the landscape for a few days anyway.
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09/21/13 5:55 AM GMT
I always seem to miss the meaning to the subjects picked. well not exactly miss the meaning, but it is more difficult for me to visualize the concept in that I know very little about photography or photo manipulation software and can only improvise the subject of the contest with my imagination!
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