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09/05/14 7:44 AM GMT
Personally I think that night is all encompassing, there is no such category that is not really included in the concept. you can understand the word from any perspective or any description , we may be talking darkness or bad weather, or the way that a plant has to grow crookedly around a stone in search of sunlight to survive, or simply it can also be demonstrated as an accident that ruins the rest of life for someone,. Then again we can all upload photos of moonlight, or the way we as humans have to have an extended day by creating artificial light(thanks to Edison),. maybe we can demonstrate night as our own sanctuary , an escape from our compelling daytime commitments, that is to show what is important at the end of our day. The way we interact with each other and what we all do in our personal cocoons after the light of the star is hidden from us!!
2∈ [?]
09/05/14 7:58 AM GMT
I doubt whether night will win, but this used to be my cup of tea:)
I say "used to be" as I had been forced [during summer] to change the photography timing...
Anyway NIGHT RULES!!! :)
[slowly coming back)
2∈ [?]
With all my love and respect, Marzena

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