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04/03/15 1:23 AM GMT
Open to all genres - photography, abstract, and manipulation - an image that is spooky.
Definition: sinister or ghostly in a way that causes fear and unease.
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If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn't need to lug around a camera. ~Lewis Hine The Earth without art is just 'eh'.
04/03/15 3:32 AM GMT
I'm proposing "Ethereal", again. I even spelled it right this time. This would be something transparent, ghostlike or light and delicate. It need not be spooky, but could be.
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04/03/15 3:34 AM GMT
Try to keep in mind, when suggesting a topic:

i) Open to all genres of art. Not just photography.
ii) Add a short description (one or two lines is sufficient) , so 'we' know what the artistic aim/intention of the subject matter is.
iii) Try not to repeat previous topics.

(Tip of the hat to luckyshot and Lightpainter, thus far.. for taking the time to add a description to their suggested topics.)
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04/03/15 4:02 AM GMT
"The Four Elements"

"Create an image representing your choice of Earth, Air, Fire, and/or Water."

'April showers, bring May flowers'.. brought this topic/theme to mind.

And to broaden it's appeal and include more potential candidates, hopefully.. added in the other three elements ('Earth', for example.. still talking spring'ish here, rebirth and all that).

Love sunsets/skies, and the wondrous display that Mother Nature provides us with, from time to time? Check.

Wish to mess around with your (in this instance, photography, but, certainly not limited to) camera's settings for a nice blur/motion effect? Water, possibly? How's about.. Wind? Check.

And and..

And when it comes down to voting, me, personally?

Would give out bonus points and more consideration to those images that made better use of and singled out the 'element' in question.. in the respective image/photo.

(Tip of the hat to, once again.. for the idea.)
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04/03/15 7:38 AM GMT
There's a bit more even opinion on this poll, think I'll choose Spooky and give the manipulators a good opportunity.
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04/03/15 5:32 PM GMT
I like Ethereal myself !
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04/03/15 5:38 PM GMT
Looks like this one is going to be another horse race.. place your bets!
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04/04/15 12:19 AM GMT
The situation has changed a lot since my last comment Les, the payout on the winner will be low, shame the outcome is always predictable. |o:

Edit: here's another smiley if it helps you Les. (o:
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04/04/15 12:52 AM GMT
Gotta ask.. why so glum?

'Manipulators' will not be excluded if 'four elements' ends up as the topic.

It will simply be a case of a different topic for them to tackle creatively.. as far as I can read into your words, Phil.
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04/04/15 2:51 PM GMT
I'm not particularly glum Les and never suggested that manipulators would be excluded from The Four Elements which we assume will be nominated.
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04/04/15 6:30 PM GMT
"Edit: here's another smiley if it helps you Les. (o:"

Passive-aggressive behaviour just complicates the interaction.
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04/07/15 5:09 AM GMT
why would the chosen topic really matter? i think we're getting away from the meaning of the word "contest" theres always next week to place your horse in the race again. a good manipulator could work with any one of those topics from what i see.
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