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06/28/20 9:43 PM GMT
"What is it" is always fun and can be participated in by everyone!!!!
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06/29/20 7:41 AM GMT
Point of view gives one many opportunities like view from the window, looking up at a skyscraper (or smaller building) etc.
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Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors.
06/30/20 2:03 PM GMT
Why am not selected to vote on contest? Even though I enter the contest, I am not able to vote on other entries This is the second time, it is same as last contest?
I enter, but not able to vote. It is waste of time for me, so won,t enter any more unless I can vote
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07/02/20 8:11 AM GMT
Thank you Mimi and Samatar I am disappointed,
Contest says it is open to all, but 'All' is not allowed to vote
on other members entry's
It cannot be fare? Members take time to vote on our/my pictures,
and I am 'not' allowed to vote on them???
Does that sound fare?
This is the second time I have not been selected,
even though I enter, members get to vote on my entry,
But am not allowed? I would like to know 'WHY'?

I have copyed this from Discussion Board-Contests.
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