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04/13/12 7:47 AM GMT

This topic is open to every kind of art and creation. This can be liquid or gas, pertaining to a substance that easily changes its shape; capable of flowing.

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Visit my gallery, there's always something new from France !!
04/13/12 2:34 PM GMT
It's really raining today; so 'Fluid-ity' is definitely affecting my choice.
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04/14/12 1:09 AM GMT
When it comes to "fluid" I can imagine thoroughly abstract photographic possibilities, a dancer in mid movement, a tear falling, a large moving mass of people at a train station or something similar long time exposed to capture the fluidity. Yes, I can see it includes all artists and has that quality of being open to both concrete and metaphorical approaches.
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It is not "The powerful attack the weak." it is "The fearful attack what they fear."
04/14/12 3:03 AM GMT
When one googles Fluid Images, one will find that this term refers to inserting an image with no size restraints into a document. Will we be using Christophe's definition for a fluid image or will we be ignoring his definition thus having a free-for-all!? I would think we have to stick to Christophe's meaning of fluid!  ☺
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04/16/12 3:58 PM GMT
Fluid sounds very interesting but I must vote for Manipulation if you know what I mean:)
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