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Ended 05/28/15 9:15 AM GMT
Winner: biffobear (See the full results)

1st place
The Eyes by biffobear

susanlynn: Terrific close up and wonderful entry for the contest Richie...Good Luck

Jimbobedsel: Could be a winner, Biff. Excellent shot.

jerseygurl: Those eyes are coming right at me - Superb Capture Ritchie!!! Love it for the contest.

icedancer: OMG - WOW WOW WOW - Brilliant 3D action shot and those eyes are amazing - picture perfect entry and Good Luck - right into my favs

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2nd place
Eyes all over the place! by Starglow

purmusic: Hey Carol,

Just a short note..

First and foremost, no worries.. this is for future reference. As I've moved your image here to the proper gallery (I think.. feel free to move it yourownself, if there is something more appropriate).


From the header to the gallery, and I quote;

"This gallery contains images that have been modified or improved in some manner by another member. If you plan to submit an image to the Rework Gallery, please ensure you first obtain the original author's permission. Please, add a link to the original image."

So.. if you rework an image yourself.. it is suggested that you indicate such (i.e. 'Something something - Revised' or Something something - Rework') in the title.. and then, simply place your image/photo in the respective gallery as you would normally.

And.. done.

That said..

This makes for a good good entry for the current contest; "eyes".
Best of luck to you.

And but, of course.. thanks for sharing your creative and editing efforts with us. :o)

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3rd place
Nature's Illusion by jerseygurl

icedancer: Wowser Laura, Fabulous close up and such detail plus lighting and colour. The wings look so soft and gorgeous. Right into my favs

nanadoo: Congrats! Excellent entry!!

Ramad: Very nice shot of this beautiful butterfly Laura. The colours and focus are superb.

4th place
Carnival Eyes by mirto56

picardroe: This is nice and colorful, Well done Doug.

MJsPhotos: Superb!
The mask makes it look almost 'inhuman', but the eyes are definitely human!!

GomekFlorida: Scary yet beautiful!

GIGIBL: Great shot very well captured good luck in the contest.

5th place
Sssnake Eyes! by trixxie17

icedancer: Now this is so COOL for the contest, really clever, Good Luck

jerseygurl: A different pair of eyes - but eyes just the same - a good interpretation for the current contest - Good Luck Kathy!!!:-):-):-)!!!

LynEve: Well done and congrats on your contest placement Kathy with this very unique entry :)