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Ended 07/19/15 1:15 AM GMT
Winner: bfrank (See the full results)

1st place
In The Emptiness by bfrank

icedancer: A Super Big Congratulations my dear friend for winning the contest, it's a beauty

biffobear: Well done on the contest....R.

heidlerr: An interesting images creation that inspired my White Devil Rising image. The moon appears to be bleeding through the foreground just a little. Try using the burn tool with low opacity and blurred brush to darken the mid tones in that area. Overall a great image that I love.

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2nd place
Forever Empty by LynEve

icedancer: Oh the saying is beautiful and this is a wonderful tribute to the lost lives. Would be a fabulous contest entry & good luck

Lightpainter: Excellent entry. Your explanation is crucial here. The choice of B&W and the vignetting is a real plus.

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3rd place
"Beneath the Detroit Airport Runways" by icedancer

susanlynn: An interesting and colorful shot, Pat. It does look pretty empty so should be great for the current contest. Good Luck.

rozem061: Fantastic shot, Pat !
Good luck in the contest

Heroictitof: Good luck in the contest my dear friend !!
I'm sure your photo will be placed in the top five !!

4th place
Empty Seats by Jimbobedsel

susanlynn: This site still leaves me with chills and it is a great entry for the contest and as a remembrance of those who died there. Good Luck in the contest, JimBob.

braces: A moving and fitting image marking such a huge tragedy.

5th place
Forgotten Home Life by heidlerr

Starglow: You've done wonderful work on this photo. There are some picturesque old homes around aren't there? And this is surely one of them. Thanks for sharing.

Constance52347: This is a wonderful image! It startled me a bit because it has the same look as the watercolors that I enjoy painting. The house looks like it has seem some good times in the past. This is a great shot!!