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Ended 04/02/16 1:15 AM GMT
Winner: Ramad (See the full results)

1st place
Navigation by Ramad

mirto56: A wonderful collection of nautical instruments. I believe the sextant is still used today. Good luck in the contest with this fine entry, Raj.

jerseygurl: Really like this shot Raj - the tools are arranged perfectly on that great background - well thought out - An Excellent entry for the contest!!!:-):-):-)!!!

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2nd place
"Tools of the Trade" by icedancer

tigger3: Lol! Me neither, but it's a good action capture. tigs=^..^=

Nikoneer: That is one great action shot, Pat. I have a vague recollection of a time when I was that limber (certainly not now at 62), but she definitely knows what she's capable of and is enjoying every minute. And folks, no worries, what appears to be a large ugly bruise on her extended leg is only the shadow of her left fist. I like the fact that you either got the capture with nothing in the frame but her and the ice or you were wise enough to crop all else out. It works very well and is a good entry because, like Doug's (mirto56), it shows the tools as well as them being used. Good luck in the contest.


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3rd place
Gondola Maker by mirto56

0930_23: He's probably singing away Gibbs, or at least humming, we just can't hear him.
There is a lot to look at and enjoy in this timeless photo.
B/W makes it even more timeless.
I see the chair is empty, so his wife has left and he can work in peace.
Great entry for the contest.


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4th place
My Tools by Dunstickin

Nikoneer: I have only 5 in my collection. Some of these really look unique and yes, you should make this your entry. I don't think anyone has ever submitted a "Tools" contest entry before that was as personal as this. I like it, and good luck, Owd Feller.


5th place
Sheave Wheel by DesertDenizen

Dunstickin: Good entry....

Industry always had it's own specialised tools to the jobs!..

Good luck!

0930_23: Many ingenious people helped our country to move forward.
A good entry for the contest


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