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Ended 08/17/16 1:15 AM GMT
Winner: gr8fulted (See the full results)

1st place
Throwback To Another Era by gr8fulted

mesmerized: Hey congratulations on first place...a most worthy win with this beautiful image.

Lightpainter: Congratulations on 1st place. Very appropriate photo.

Constance52347: Congrats on 1st place!!

jerseygurl: Congratulations on taking 1st place in the contest!!!!! Well Deserved.

gr8fulted received a 2 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

2nd place
In An Instant!!! by jerseygurl

tigger3: Not only do I remember those cameras, but the flash bulbs as well! Lol! Nice presentation, and excellent contest contender, and I do hope you will enter it in the challenge as well.

gr8fulted: Nice job on second place in the contest.

jerseygurl received a 1 month membership in the Caedes Cadre.

3rd place
Retro Room ? by mesmerized

Lightpainter: Congratulations. Nice creation.

jerseygurl: Congratulations Pat on taking 3rd place in the contest!!!!!!!

remember plateform shoes? i had a pair of zip up boots that were kick %^$ now this pic in the true sense of the word? is retro!!

then again, in some country that are far behind the times? might be stylish to them now...idk check out all that color! i remember those days. need some twinkies and Cheese puffs on the table for the munchies. lets not forget of course a few twisted up...well never mind, better not say it, besides i never inhaled so it didnt count :p

hey put a lava lamp sitting on the tv..hehe this is one crazy pimped out pic. makes me wanna break out the old silk button up shirts.

now this is what im talking about between retro and vintage..big difference and should've be specified.

ummmm SAW, remember that interior decorating job we were considering.. YOUR FIRED! but i do like your entry....shag carpet..what a surprise! now austin powers might take that one the wrong way....sorry someone had to say it, you know all of you were thinking it as well. im just the brave one, as usual!

4th place
Retro by rvdb

Constance52347: Congrats on 4th place!

mesmerized: Congratulations Rob...this one deserved to be in the winners circle.

corngrowth: Rob, congratulations with your 4th place in the 'Retro' contest.

Tomeast: Very nicely done.

tigger3: I find these old images of your to be so interesting, and this sure does fit the current contest! tigs=^..^=

5th place
Caddy and Kittens by Constance52347

gr8fulted: Congratulations on placing in the contest!

corngrowth: Connie, congratulations with your 5th place in the 'Retro' contest.

Eubeen: The only thing I can think of is to play around with the brightness/contrast levels to adjust the lighting in the image.

Nice rework of the old image, Connie. Silly question: where do the stairs lead to? Best of luck in the contest.